how well balanced is my pokemon team?

Charizard-lvl69 (Flamethrower, blast burn, dragon claw, fly)

Poliwrath-lvl66 (Metronome, brick break, psychic, surf)

Tyranitar-lvl66 (Crunch, Earthquake, Facade, Thrash)

Hypno-lvl66 (Hypnosis, dream eater, psychic, headbutt)

Dragonite lvl63 (Outrage, thunder, ice beam, wing attack)

Jolteonlvl53(still training him) (Thunderbolt, dig, secret power, thunder)

where could i improve?

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  • 10 years ago
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    First of all is this for PvE or PvP content? For PvP you may want some defensive moves to help your Pokemon survive. In PvE its all about using your potions at the right time and dealing a lot of damage. I can't remember what some of the moves are, but if I normally go for a hard hitting combination of moves. As for seem to have a good rotation of several different elements. Dragonite is good against ground types since it does have the Ice beam and it is flying tho maybe a water type might help. I would get rid of the Metronome move from Polywrath since you never know if it will really benefit you in combat. besides that seems pretty solid to me. Wish you luck in your future fights :)

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  • 10 years ago

    Stopped playing Diamond a long time ago so my opinions are probably incorrect.

    -Your moveset seems to be pretty well spreadout. Except you have duplicated Fire (charizard) and Electric (Jolt)

    -IMO, ditch Thunder. Acc is crap unless it's raining.

    -What items are they carrying?

    -Have you factored in their abilities when choosing your team?

    -Factored in their stats?

    -Factored Weakness and Advantages? (personally I dont like Charizard cause of the 4x weakness to Rock)


    Are you playing against the AI or other people or competitively?

    I'm sure you wont struggle too much against AIs. Other people -might- also be ok. If it's competitively...I'm not so sure. I play competitively against friends but dont use the switching in/out cause the match ends up being too long.

    Regarding the stats, it seems to me most of your team has high SpAtk and low Def (unless I'm mistaken, again it's been awhile for me). Against opponent(s) with high SpDef and high Atk, they probably wont even need 3 pokemons to wipe out your team.

    Use the following two sites as sources and tweak your team a bit.

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  • 10 years ago

    change your hypno for a gengar or alakazam(haunter and kadabra are good options too if you dont have a link cable).

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