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Who should i go with as a fantasy RP for added saves or holds?

Current pitching staff

SP - Justin Verlander

SP - Josh Beckett

SP - Roy Oswalt (thinking about trading him to pick up some depth in my lineup)

RP - Jonathan Broxton (set here)

RP - J.A Happ (is it wise to us him as a RP?...thinkn bout moving him to P spot)

P - Jair Jurrjens (will move him to my 3rd SP if i trade oswalt)

BN - Clay Buchholz (the one i am dropping for extra saves or holds)

Not much left in FA by way of saves but i need more i think. Here is what we have:

RP - Octavio Dotel (closer for pirates)

RP - Jason Frasor/Kevin Gregg (blue jays closer battle)

RP - Matt Capps (Nats closer)

RP - Matt Lindstrom/ Brandon Lyon (astros closer battle)

For holds (new category in our league this year and hard to predict but usually is the set up man)

RP - George Sherrill (set up man for Broxton in LA, got saves and holds last year with orioles)

RP - Hideki Okajima (Red Sox reliever, has gotten 20+ holds the last three years)

RP - Takashi Saito (set up man in atlanta....39 saves in '07 for the dodgers)

RP - Daniel Bard (heir apparent to pap in boston, will prolly be the 8th inning guy there)

Also just added Jeff Clement to play Catcher for me (dropped Miguel Olivo) should get more ABs...good move?


Yeah Happ is slotted for both SP and RP. He will be in the rotation this year but i have him as my RP right now until i get rid of Oswalt. I am going to put Jurjjens in either way this is just how i have them slotted right now.

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    I'd play Jurrjens over Oswalt even if you keep both.

    Is Happ eligible at RP in your league?

    Frasor starts the season as TOR closer. Same for Lindstrom in HOU.

    I think Capps is the most likely to keep closer job for the season. No pressure. No competition.

    Okajima is probably the best bet for holds (and occasional save). Best BOS lefty will get opps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would take Capps. He is the safest bet. Yes is may be replaced if he struggles, but he is the only safe bet, if hes gone, then go for lindstrom who was named the closer yesterday. For holds, i would take sherrill or saito. Happ will start for sure so get him out of the rp slot.

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