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A debt collector recently contacted me about an old debt which the statute of limitations has run out, it has been over 7 years, and it has been removed from my credit report. He said it would be placed back on my credit report and he said my score was 579. Is this possible?

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    No, once the legal reporting period has expired for the debt, they can not place it back on your credit report.

    If they do, dispute the account as being past the reporting period.

    They are trying to intimidate you into paying the debt, get the debt collectors name and address and send them a certified letter to cease and desist, as the debt is out of statute.

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    Assuming that you have not made recent payments on this debt: This debt is outside the statute of limitations for all 50 is also past the allowable 7-year reporting cycle on credit they can't place this on your credit file . This is ancient, time-barred debt....because of this, the collection agency is powerless over you....other than trying to scare/annoy you into paying.

    Technically, a debt collector can come after you forever for defaulted debt...however, once the statute of limitations is up...they've lost the power to successfully take legal action. Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can send them a "cease communications" letter and that will be all that you need to do. Per this law they must cease collection activity.

    Send the collection agency a letter via Certified Mail + Return Receipt (NOT regular mail) stating:

    Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, cease all communications with me about this alleged debt. This letter has been mailed via Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Receipt of this letter is being officially time stamped.


    To speed things up, fax this same letter to the collection agency. Free fax service at:

    Don't let them scare/bully you into paying this ancient, time-barred debt with bogus threats of arrest or legal action...they can't do either...they are powerless over you.

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    Dipute it on your credit reports.

    Put "Over the SOL - please remove".

    These are scum sucking bottom feeding agencies that buy up old debts.

    They scare people into paying.

    They will lie, lie, and tell you more lies.

    Do not acknowldege the bill or agree to make payment.

    This is the "got-cha" for re-setting the statute of limitations.


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    Interesting argument, but I'm not 100% convinced

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