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Pregnancy , Need Help ? PLease Be Serious <?

K, Here is the Story. Me And My Boyfriend Had Intercourse But It Wasnt Intercourse, It was Just a Touch and Had Touch my Vagina And Made It Bleed I Know It Was Because Of He Had Broke The Cherry Thing, But I Know No Sperm Had Even Made It. Then The follow Week We Had Tried And It Went In Slightly Not Even A Lot Probably The Tip And It Hurt So We Stopped And Put A Condom And We Tried Again For Like 2 Minute And We Took It Out , Condom Was Not Broken I Made Sure Everytime It Had Came Out. ThenThe Following 2 Weekends We Had Did It With Condoms, And They Were Never broken. But Now My Period Is late, And Im Scared To Death If I Am Pregnant. I Do Not Want To Go To The Dr Because My Mother Does Not Know Anything And I Want It To Keep It That Way, Please Postive Answers, Yes I Did It Wit The Same Man,

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    I know you are scared right now. But chances are you are just a little late. Missed periods or late periods can happen when you have sex for the first time. It is not likely to happen all the time though, but it does happen. You just need to relax. If you used condoms, chances of you being pregnant are slim. But you can go to your school nurse and explain what is going on to see if she can spot you a pregnancy test. chances are the nurse will take care of you. I have had some friends go through the same thing in high school.

    Good luck to you, hopefully this has eased you mind a little.

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