What would Russia do?

hypothetically speaking, if a war between the U.S.(possibly NATO as a whole) and China broke out, what would Russia do? does Russia have strong ties with China? Would they actively support china?

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    Historically, Russia and China have not had a good working relationship even in the days of Communism. Stalin and Mao were both Communists but they had very different ideas of what that meant. There are several DOD scenarios that involve a potential war between China and Russia drawing in the US on one side or the other. Realistically, a war between Russia and China is a lot more likely than a direct war between the US and China. In a war between the US and China it is likely that Russia would side with the US from the very beginning. Today Mongolia helps to serve as a buffer state between the two countries, a buffer that is currently controlled by China. Russia would certainly like to control that region for the same reasons that China controls it now. It makes things safer for whoever controls the buffer.

    Russia and China both have ties to the US. Of the two China's ties to the US are stronger despite the human rights issue. A more likely scenario would be the US and China against Russia. A potential flash point is India and Pakistan. The US is strongly involved in the support of Pakistan and we have traditionally had a rocky relationship with the world's largest democracy. Ironic isn't it? Russia, on the other hand, has strong ties to India and would certainly side with them in a conflict. China and India are regional rivals. They are the two most populous countries in the world and are both emerging economies tied strongly to business in the west with diametrically opposed political ideologies. A strong India does not help China so in the even of a conflict between India and Pakistan expect China to come down on the side of Pakistan and the US with Russia on the side of India.

    In a hypothetical conflict between the US and China you can expect Russia to side with the US against China. Russia has more to gain from a weakened China then they have from a weakend US.

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    They would probably sit tight and wait to see which way the war went, and then join the side that looked like it was going to win... They don't have friendly relationships with either the US or China particularly, so wouldn't get caught up straight away, although with China being on their doorstep they might naturally side against the US in order to protect themselves. Luckily I don't think its a big worry, and the war would mainly be fought over the pacific so not many other countries would be directly involved.

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    on the second they do not know what to do approximately the challenge and are looking to type of maintain it underneath the rug in the meanwhile, believe me, this challenge we're in proper now hasn't occurred due to the fact the cuban missile problem, all i'm pronouncing you all understand the USA does not backpedal, and Russia has now made it very transparent that they're again rebuilt from the bloodless warfare and they're competent to combat, russia is aware of rattling good we would not approve of this, Russia is making an attempt to kill probably the most USA credibility for what we do in Iraq. relatively frankly they're proper however that doesn't imply we can sit down and watch and backpedal global warfare three is coming the Iranian president stated a couple of months in the past that an assault on Iran could be painful, any individual considering a organic virus, kills all blank the our bodies and the structures left intact a treatment and a ailment are you kidding me, the USA has probably the most strong navy on the earth, and those persons don't care and are sticking it to us. balls they have got a plan, you greater consider that and eventually all of it is going BOOM

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    though it likes china, russia doesn't like wars. It will strike if a country pisses it off. Russia is better at defense. It will try to stay nuetral.

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    Russia would probably try to stay uninvolved until it becomes obvious which side will emerge victorious. Then they will probably try to join the winning side to reap as many of the war spoils as they can.

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    they would wait and see which way the war was going then jump on the victorious side but they would probably want the us to win so they could invade china.

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    It would depend on all the politics that would happen before that scenario came about

    A far fetched idea, China is too smart for that, as they take over the US day by day

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    I would think that Russia would jump on the wagon in a heartbeat. Especially since they are on their way to becoming a communist powerhouse again. communists like to stick together.

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