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New Moon Music Question?

Hi there,

I recently bought the New Moon and Twilight soundtracks. I love the soft rock / Indie haunting style of music.. Can anyone suggest similar bands and artists that has similar music to enjoy?

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    Look up other music by the artists on the soundtrack and try these loosely fitting suggestions:

    Peter Bjorn & John

    Department of Eagles (Some of the guys who are in Grizzly Bear are in this one)


    Fleet Foxes


    Holly Miranda



    Laura Veirs

    Field Music

    Best Coast

    Local Natives

    Beach House

    Robert Francis

    Timber Timbre

    Cass McCombs

    Little Big Adventure

    The Swell Season

    Dappled Cities

    Jason Lytle

    Buildings Breeding


    Sleepy Sun

    Bat for Lashes


    Animal Collective

    Dark Captain Light Captain

    You should also get a Pandora radio account on You tell it what songs and bands you like and they find more that you'll like. And it's free.

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    Well, I'm a big Indie fan and I also love the "haunting" melodies and tunes that you refer to.

    You might be referring to Rosyln by Bon Iver&St. Vincent, which is off the New Moon soundtrack?

    If you haven't heard it, (but you probably have), give it a listen.

    Some other songs you may like: (which is similar to the haunting Indie)

    -Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

    -Possibility- Lykke Li (and many other songs by her)

    -Moon and Moon- Bat For Lashes

    -Alice- The Cocteau Twins

    -Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap (a favorite of mine (:

    -Slow Me Down- Emmy Rossum

    -Let Me Sign- Robert Pattinson

    and there's more... :)

    Hope this helped, and I hope you enjoy the songs!

    Tell me what you think..

    Victoria (:

    Source(s): My Ipodd :)
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  • 4 years ago

    uhhm, im not sure what music is on but ill updte my friend, she knows all of them by heart. :) my favourite song is either possibility, that plays when the months pass by, or the muse song :)

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