what is a good for legit gold making guide for world of warcraft?

im looking for a legit gold making guide for world of warcraft 1 some1 has try ed and it worked and will return the money u payed right back if u do not like it can any1 help by chance or a free gold making web site with tips u can get to with out having to pay both will help alot i have tryed alot of things and they are all around the ah and farming did jc mineing herb fishing skinning lw bs but alot of them dont get good gold unless u get high enough skill lvl and then get plans from like toc or icc and uldar and them and i cant get into them with my 80 no1 even runs them any more and when i get into toc some1 ninja the plans my ignor list is now full of ninjas and i have also sent gm's word of it so pls need a good gold makeing guide

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    10 years ago
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    I dont know of any guide websites, but seeing as you arnt getting much help as is, here is my two cents.

    There are many ways to make money at 80, one of which any class with any profession can do, which is dailies and other quests. At 80, you get 13 gold or more for completeing any quest, so questing for about an hour could return over 100g to you.

    Second, there is professions. Different professions are good for different things, but only a few give money without effort. Of course there are collecter profs, like skinning herbalism and mining, which are great if you have a lot of farming time on your hands. Personally, i am an alchemist. Every 20 hours, you can click a button that creates an epic gem, which can be cut and sold for 250g or more, compared to the cost of the mats which is under 50g. You can make flasks from the raw mats and make significant profit by selling them individually, which is made much easier in the most recent patch with the changes to the auction house.

    Third, there is working the market. What you are going to want to do is find a Jewelcrafter that has many patterns, and will cut them for free or under 5g a piece. Next, go into the gems portion of the auction house and search for the gems that have the best Uncut:Cut Ratio. Simply making the investment in buying the uncut gems, getting them cut, and selling them, can make you over 100g/gem. Personally, with my gems that i create and buy, i go through about 30 gems a week, making about 2k profit each week. There are other high-margin items on the AH that when refined by a proffesion, cost much more than the initial mats. Take advantage of this.

    I do not beleive that there are any effective gold making guides for world of warcraft, and without one i do just fine, while riding around on my Traveller's Tundra Mammoth.

    Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Lot's of them are scams... That said, I'd recommend the Hayden Hawke one. I used it for a while and it has some REALLY good tips in there. It also has a step by step basis on how to play the auction house to make loads of gold with little effort. Here's a link if you decide to take a look:

    http://bit.ly/H2H-gold <- Gold guide.

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