I received a ticket for CVC 21658A (illegal lane change)?

I was driving down Mission Blvd in Hayward, CA. I had been driving down this street for approximately 15-20 mins when I met up w/ an old school Plymouth on the side of me at a stop light. still heading down Mission I end up following behind the Plymouth because the Toyota that was in front of me was driving way below the speed limit. Unfortunately, after following behind the Plymouth 3-4 blocks, I noticed that the car had a broken taillight. Both the Toyota and Plymouth thought it was a good idea to drive side by side, so I waited until there was enough room for me to get back in the left lane and get in front of the Toyota, and no one had to break. 5 mins late I look in my rear view mirror and see a police car tailgating the Plymouth, I tell the passenger in my car "That cop sure is riding that cars ***" and the passenger said its probably because of the tail light. As I approach the light, which was 10 mins after I changed lanes, the cop all of a sudden speeds up behind me and pulls me over. I ask why am I being pulled over he tells me "I'll tell you after you give me your license and registration" I give it to him he then replies "You were following to close before you got over" I ask him how am I being pulled over for that when he was just tailgating the other car with a broken tail light he says "you were following to close behind the car with a broken tail light so I can really get you for tail gating, and an illegal lane change" I think the ticket is completely bogus because he tailgated that car for 2 blocks, and there was only myself the toyota and the plymouth on the road, but i truly believe that I got a ticket because of my race because it makes no sense to me how he can pass another car up then target me after he tailgated another car for 2-3 blocks. What grounds can I fight this on?

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    What the cop did before pulling you over is pretty much irrelevant. He can tailgate all he wants and still pull you over for tailgating. The question is whether or not you violated CVC 21658(a). From what you've said, I don't know. Did the cop say what about your lane change was unsafe? Following too close to a car does not make the lane change unsafe. Cutting someone off is unsafe or changing lanes without signaling is unsafe.

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