I just purchased a new can of aerosol spray but every time i press the nozzle down the liquid inside foams up?

it is a smoke eliminator can and the contents seem to be pressured fine. The problem comes after shaking (per instructions) and pressing the nozzle down. The liquid foams up underneath the nozzle for some reason. do i just need to clear the nozzle?


I did buy 3. so thats a plus : )

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  • 10 years ago
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    I would return it & get another one.=)

  • 4 years ago

    Glue traps for mice help control roaches. They're pre-baited, non-toxic, and there is no odor (unless you get the ones that contain anesthetic). Even with small children, you can keep them in some problem areas like under the stove, refrigerator, and sinks. I keep a spray bottle of Windex, diluted dish soap, or even hand soap around in case I see a roach or ants. I prefer spraying over smashing. It works fast; roaches are dead within 30 seconds or so if you hit them right. (It apparently clogs their spiracles and suffocates them.) You just have to be quick or accurate because they run like mad after the first hit. Comet cleanser is supposed to form a barrier that ants will not cross, but I'm thinking that could be about as toxic as indoor chemical spraying. Someone mentioned using chalk. Keep in mind that chalk can contain lead, which is not safe in any amount for children or pregnant women, whether ingested or inhaled. And because it is stored in bone, lead may pose a hazard for future children that an exposed female may conceive down the road. There are many great suggestions here; I've learned a lot!

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