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Help with G.K. Chesterton Father Brown?

Can anyone give me a summery of the story "The Queer Feet" thanks!

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    G. K. Chesterton's story first appeared in 1911, in the collection, The Innocence of Father Brown.This short story has it all – the essence of mystery fiction,as it were — but it also uses each of the elements of the bolagram in a self-explanatory way. With only this story to go by, anyone might construct a theory of boundaries or, for that matter, a Lacanian psychology.

    An exclusive club, "The Twelve True Fishermen," meets annually at a posh hotel in Belgravia for a dinner. They bring their own silver service with them — a set of bejeweled silverfish-knives — to use on the dinner's elaborate fish course.Father Brown, Chesterton's famous detective character, is called to give last rites to an Italian waiter who has just suffered a paralytic stroke. While filling out the necessary papers in a small room adjacent to the hallway connecting the kitchen with the dining room serving the banquet in progress, Brown hears something strange: footsteps that walk slowly in one direction and quickly in the other. Deducing that there is, literally, a "crime afoot," he confronts a gentlemen who is attempting to leave the banquet early and thinks that Brown is the coat-check clerk.The "gentleman" is none other than the master criminal Flambeau. The trick was based on the fact that both waiters and guests were dressed in tuxedos. A stranger in a tuxedo could,by changing his posture, gait, and demeanor, appear to be a waiter when in the presence of guests, and a guest in the presence oft he waiters

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