No Sweet Chin Music from now on in the WWE....?

Star if you will really miss the toe tapping, showstopping, elbow splashing, music tuning Shawn Michaels. Thank you HBK.


Shawn in your words was.....?

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    aww man, i'm gonna miss him so much. i want to thank him for being part of my life and he really got me into wrestling. no more sweet chin music. he gave his heart in this business and i respect him so much for that. there will never be anyone like him. he's IS the best of all time in my opinion. he's truly one of a kind. only once in a life time will you have someone like hbk that has the charisma he has. he's the total package. everthing about him is amazing. and yes, i am going to miss the toe tapping, elbow splashing, and music tuning. i'm gonna miss bobbing my head to his entrance music. i'm gonna miss his charasmatic entrance to the ring. i'm gonna miss him so much. i was tearing up during his farewell speech. i just can't believe it happened. but that's life, and life must go on. he left a great legacy behind. love live HBK!

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    I am pretty upset about Shawn departing us fans :( The WWE business will not be the same without the one-of-a-kind HBK. I was touched by his farewell speech last night. I had tears in my eyes as well last night when I was watchinh Raw. I was also touched when I saw The Undertaker come out to see Shawn by paying homage to him. I thought that was very nice of The Undertaker to come out and do what he did for Shawn and the night before at Wrestlemania when Undertaker shook hands with HBK. As said, the WWE won't be the same without HBK. HBK's heartbreak carrer has been heartbroken. I am a fan of him, too. I will really miss him. At least I'll get to see him on DVD's that I own. Everyone will never, and I mean NEVER forget the amazing & legendary Shawn Michaels. Another thing I liked what Shawn said was that he thanked Jesus Christ for all that he has done. I've known for a quite some time that Shawn is very religious.

    Shawn won the hearts of all of his fans and even other WWE superstars, such as Triple H. He will always be one of my favorite superstars, right beside the Undertaker as being my favorite. I just hope some day in the near future that we will see him again. Thank you greatly, HBK ;) We all love you.

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    I am Going to Miss Him in DX With Triple H they were Awesome Together My Favorite Tag Team Ever DX I will Miss Shawn Not Only was he a Entertainier he Was a Guy Who Give The Best Matches of His Career Shawn Has Become a Legend He Will Be Miss By alot of People I wish Him all the Best in His Life Even If I was More on The Undertaker Side Shawn will always have a Place in my Heart.

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    Shawn Michaels can't be described in words, nobody in the future can even dream of having as great matches as Shawn Michaels. Noone can entertain like him, no one can steal the show like him, Shawn Michaels was the most unique wrestler ever, he has been in the most memorable moments ever, may it be the first ever ladder match, first ever Ironman match, the toughest opponent for the Undertaker, the guy to almost break the streak at WrestleMania, the guy to set his team partner through window or the most funny wrestler. There are million of things that could be said about that guy, he has the most memorable matches in the history of this business.

    I will surely miss the toe tapping, show stopping, elbow splashing, music tuning, teath breaking, crowd breaking, show stealing, humour bursting and the best wrestler ever himself, Shawn Michaels.

    Shawn Michales was everything for WWE and that says a lot. I was really expecting volume 2 of Shawn Michaels DVD My Journey.

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    It is not going to be the same. I enjoyed his farewell speech though, as well as seeing UnderTaker come out and tipped his hat off to him and walked away. I believe that this comeback was more inspirational and meant a little more to me than the Attitude Era. The ratings war was great and everything but to see a guy like Shawn make the comeback that he did and outlast guys like Austin and The Rock was incredible. Shawn Michaels is was and will always be my favorite wrestler of all-time, both in and out of the ring!!!! Shawn's comeback after becoming a Born-Again Christian was truly amazing and that gave me even much more respect for him and knowing the type of reputation that he had in the past, he is a guy that takes his faith and convictions very seriously like myself. That is why I believe his Documentary was the best that I have ever seen because we as fans were able to see a man who was once at the top of his game fall flat on his face, take time off, have his life totally turned around and return renewed, matured and on a mission to find closure and for his image to be repaired by being a mentor to the younger talent such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Jericho, etc. With his recent comeback, he has done all of those things which is why I say that his story to me has been more inspiring and has more significance to me than The Rock, Austin, DX, or the whole Attitude Era, Monday Night Wars, etc. This is not a knock on any of these guys because they were all great, but it was not the same sometimes even then without Shawn. I believe that his legacy and his influence has more significance than titles, ratings, etc. because that is ultimately what will last.


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    4 years ago

    Triple H should start using Sweet Chin Music once in a while like he did the Crippler Crossface when Benoit past away. And being that Triple H and Shawn Michaels are like best friends I think this would be fitting for The Game to use the move. I also like the idea of John Morrison also using the move! :)

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    man i got to tell ya i dont have the enthusiasm to watch the wwe now since shawn is gone. hell yeah i will miss the toe tapping, the show stoping, elbow splashing, tuning up the band, sweet chin music. one of the main reasons for me to watch the wwe was shawn michaels. i love him as the person more than as the great wrestler he is.

    there will be not be a performer in the wrestling ever like shawn michaels.

    he is by far the greatest wrestler ever.

    thank you HBK

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    "Shawn in your words was.....?"

    He was the best. No doubt. Not even the likes of Ric Flair, The Rock, Stone Cold, one could compete with him. He will be remembered for all of his showstopping, mouth dropping, moments. It's a shame that we won't see anymore memorable moments from him. Every match he gave it his best. Not once have I EVER seen a match with him and got disappointed. There will certainly never be another Shawn Michaels. In my words, hell, I can't explain how good HBK was in words. It's unexplainable. Shawn Michaels will forever be known as The Showstopper, The Maint Event, The Icon, Mr. WrestleMania....the Heart Break Kid.

    ♥♥♥Thank you Shawn♥♥♥

    HBK - *Gone but not forgotten*

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    NOPE He will be back. He is just taking time to rest. When he retires he will have farewell like Ric Flair, Or may be he has retired. the HBK Shawn Michales for some wrestlers was a stepping stones for some an idol. But anyway he made legacy so he is a legend.

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    I will miss Shawn Michaels. HBK was really a good WWE superstar. Wrestling won't be the same without him anymore. The sexy boy would be missed. HBK forever.

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