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WWE WrestleMania 27" Predictions" : Anything Can Happen?

WWE Championship Match:

John Cena vs The Undertaker

Dream Match:

Goldberg vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Submission Match:

Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho

Shawn Micheals vs John Morrison

World Heavyweight Championship: TLC Fatal Four Way

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Edge vs Christian

Triple Threat Match: Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair

Batista vs Randy Orton vs Triple H

Womens Championship Match:

Awesome Kong vs Beth Phoenix

United States Championship:

Jack Swagger vs Shelton Benjamin

Intercontinetal Championship Match: Extreme Rules Match

Rey Mysterio vs Rob Van Dam

Unified Tag Team Championships:

The Miz and Mr.Kennedy vs.R-Truth and Booker T

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    Cena v Taker - Taker win via hells gate, love to see that **** tap out

    Goldberg v Austin - Austin wins, goldberg has austin in air for 5 seconds with jackhammer but when coming down austin counters with stunner.

    Angle v jericho - jericho win - a face turn from jericho sees a return of the proper lionsault.

    Michaels v Morrison - michaels win, valiant effort from morrison but michaels connects out of nowhere with sweet chin music.

    Fatal four way - Jeff wins, swantons the other 3 at same time!

    Kong v Phoenix - Beth wins, picks the beast up and slams her down.

    Swagger v Benjamin - shelton wins, i hate swagger.

    Rey v RVD - RVD wins, 5 star frog splash!!!

    Miz and kennedy v truth and booker - truth and booker win, kelly kelly comes out and strips off turning the pg13 back to attitude and distracts miz and kennedy so booker can hit the bookend

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    Why not? Im sure McMahon is reading your proposal.!

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    10 years ago

    you got some great matches

  • 10 years ago

    That looks pretty good.

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