what are steam and non steam games like counter-strike?

i dont get what is steam or non stream

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    Steam games are games that are bought on Steam, or that are available via steam. If you buy a game in a store and you can activate it with steam, its considered a steam game. Non-steam games are games that cant be activated trough steam, this doesnt mean you cant have them in your steam games list.

    Games like World of warcraft are NOT steam games. Games like Team Fortress, Counter-strike, Half Life, Unreal etc. are steam games because they can be purchased on steam

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    Games Like Counter Strike

  • Anonymous
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    steam is a like a website that sells games like a game store like game stop but for computer download. a steam game is a game only available from buying it off steam like garys mod. a non steam game is like command and conquered where you have to but it some where else. or a non steam game is a game you did not buy on steam like i bit torrented star wars knights of the old republic. you can buy it on steam but i did not making mine a non steam game. so i will not be able to get any steam exclusives for that game like steam achievement

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    Steam games: COD: Modern Warfare 2. CS Half Life. L4D2 and L4D. mostly online and LAN games.

    but i know that u can upload or whatever u call it. i just don't know the right word for it. u can upload other kinds of games in your steam account.

    i dunno... i'd go to steam if i were u.

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