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Will CDC recommend circumcision?

If you think it shouldn't sign the petition


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    I am sure that CDC and WHO will recommend circumcision - but it is all for the wrong reasons.

    They will make claims about hygiene and prevention of infection/infectious disease. These claims they make are totally groundless and based only on their own limited research.

    The only reason they have for supporting circumcision is because their doctors and hospitals make a huge amount of money out of it. They get money for the procedure then go on to sell the foreskins on the world market for skin grafts and other uses. Quite a motivation when you think of the millions of dollars this business generates. To heck with the morals of the thing - just make money!

    Circumcision is cruel. It does not make a person cleaner, neater, safer, better or any other advantage. What it does is to take away the natural protection of the penis and remove countless sensory perceptors that contribute to making the penis an asset to men's sexuality.

    It is as good to be circumcised as it is to cut off your eyelid so your eye no longer has the protection and lubrication it was designed to have. A male was born with a foreskin for a reason, and it was not so it could be cut off!

    Please remember that the majority of men in the world are not circumcised. There are almost 7 billion people on Earth at the moment, and about half of them will be males. A little over 3 billion men are not circumcised, and those few that are mainly live in the USA and Israel.

    Source(s): Specialist Doctor of Andrology
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    I actually have a subscription to Intact America, and they seem really worried that the CDC may acutally do this. A few months ago I wrote a letter to the CDC (along with the AAP and WHO) stating why I'm against circumcision and why they should suggest that it NOT be performed on healthy newborn boys. When the CDC wrote back to me, they curtly stated that they are in the process of making recommendations based on "compelling scientific evidence" or whatever. It's all bullcrap, but sadly it seems very possible.

    Needless to say, I've already signed that petition. I really hope this doesn't happen.

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    They should NOT, but I think the CDC has been hijacked by doctors that despirately want to find a reason to keep the practice of circumcision going. One can see on their site that they are in denial about the loss of sexual pleasure and function caused by circumcision. This would almost be funny, if it were not an important organization in an advanced country. I think these people do not know anythhing about the parts of the foreskin and that meks it laughable that they may tell people to chop off parts that they don't undersatnd or appreciate.

    This procedure is a drastic change to the genitals and involves removing pleasure zones and about 20000 fine touch and stretch sensing nerve endings. It certainly changes the dynamics of sex and negatively affects ones ability to masturbate. One can also appreciate that the parts removed are a mechanism to help gain and maintain an erection. The parts provide a great deal of pleasure. This is source of sexual pleasure is recognized as a basic fact in many countries/cultures. However, in the US many doctors and even the CDC say that it is not determined (or not proved) that there is a loss of sensation. One hears of the fact that Viagra is mostly consumed by cut men. Circumcision clearly causes dysfunction (said to set in at much younger age than natural men). To not have these natural parts is a health negative. Why is this not mentioned by the CDC? Is it their own embarrassment about ED? PLEASE stop this attempt to justify and continue the practice of cutting off parts of the penis of baby boys!

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    I hope the CDC will not recommend circumcision because there are enough people in the US who will not do their research and find out for themselves that it is a barbaric and unnecessary procedure.

    The CDC is just one academic organization in the whole world. All other equally credible, and equally academic medical organizations in the world refute the claims that the WHO is promoting when they are trying to circumcise Africa. Looking at the US, which is a major circumcising culture, you can see HIV/STD rates are the highest in the first world,...that flies in the face of what the World Health Organization is telling us that circumcision prevents the spread of AIDs. It would be folly for the CDC to follow this twisted path.

    No credible medical organization in the world promotes circumcision,...and if the CDC does,...wrongly,....too many Americans will follow their recommendations and have their infant sons mutilated, without reason or benefit. It will generate a tremendous amount of quick and easy money for the medical profession, the cosmetic industry, and surgical manufacturers. The doctors will make money several times from this as later in life, they try to repair the irreparable nerve and tissue damage they did by cutting this skin off in the first place.


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  • Anna
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    Not sure, but I hope they don't.

    I got the same response as Ginger. Not sure what this "compelling medical evidence" is. The CDC (which are a bunch of idiots, by the way) think the circumcision reduces STDs. Yeah, because I'd MUCH rather amputate a part of my child's body than teach him to use condoms, which should be done regardless if a man has foreskin or not. *sarcasm*

    I signed that months ago. Intact America is aiming for 25000 signatures, currently they have 20000. C'mon, we can make it! =)

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    I don't think so, but then again it's the CDC one of the worst organizations alive, along with the WHO. They both need to be shut down because they push agendas. The CDC contributed to that whole mess with swine flu just to get Pharm companies some cash this year.

    They have already come out with a statment saying that it makes no sense to reccomend it given the information they have.


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    I think they will recommend anything that makes money for doctors. That's why they advocate a number of things.

    Circumcision is useless. I've found pamphlets at a doctor's office I used to work at saying so. It's cosmetic and not done in many European countries. Just because it is performed by doctors doesn't mean it isn't the same as female circumcision. They both have no medical benefits and they both deny sexual pleasure. I feel sorry for any baby who has to undergo this procedure. I've watched videos of it being done and those poor babies scream from having their penis ripped apart without any pain meds. :(

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    Thank you for the link. I totally disagree with circumcision and think it is barbaric and child abuse. Yay that I can add my name in some way to help stop it.

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    I think circumcision should be the decision of the parents. No other outside force or organization should demand, recommend, or influence the parents' decision to do so. I am grateful that I was able to circumcise my son and no one could stop me or force me to do it.

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