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Best survival knife for the buck?

Im brother and i are going hunting for the first time and i wanted to get a survival knife. Not a hunting knife, if there is a difference, but a survival. Im looking for the best bang for the buck. Ive heard Mora is a good choice. But which one? or which would you prefer? I live near a Gerber factory and have a Gerber multi tool i use for work everyday and id never had an issue with it. but im looking for something cheaper with better quality if possible. A reason why you prefer your knife over others would be great. thanks.


Corpse Dungeoneer: That why i said IF possible. I love Gerber but im not sure of their survival tools.

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    I have graduated from two military survival schools and am now a survival instructor.

    Generally, it is desirable to have both a folding saw and a nice sharp knife in a survival situation to build your emergency shelter. If you were limited in space and could only have one - I reommend the Gerber Gator Serator. This is a knife I had taken to one survival class and it worked OK for cutting small limbs to make a shelter. With a modest amount of polishing it can be easily made into a fast acting near gravity knife. The blade is perfect for skinning animals and the seratted part is extremely agressive - more so than any other knife I have seen. I have always wanted to drop one of mine off with a knifesmith and have them install a gut hook - thanks for the question - it has reminded me to do this!!!

    For hunting - nothing beats a nice sharp 3-4" blade knife - with a gut hook. Some knifes have better gut hooks than others. Look for gut hook that has a wide channel you can easily sharpen it with a ceramic dowel style sharpener. Small gut hooks tend to bind up with hair. Bigger is better.

    Hope this helps

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    Gwolf apparently is a instructor at everything and the guru of all! What a blowhard! Sorry but almost every answer he has he has he comes up with hes and Olympic shooter, master this or that, firearms instructor, survival instructor and his list goes on so friggin long no human could possibly have the time to be so many experts!

    Simple solution to your search! Uncle Sam made a survival knife that was used in Vietnam and it still works great today. Look on this page for “Gov issue survival knife” the forth knife down.

    Its heavy duty, high carbon to keep a sharp edge and has a place in the knife sheath for the sharpening stone. And look at the price! I bought one for all my friends and relatives and not one had any complaints. It’s a no nonsense real survival knife made to last a lifetime.

    You don’t have to spend hundreds on a knife and those Rambo knives are a gimmick.

    Go with what our military boys trusted and tested under extreme conditions and never failed them. Not some hyped up blade made for show. We are talking survival here not some bling bling blade.

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    My definition of a survival knife is one that you could peel bark, dig holes, sharpen sticks to make a lean-to of sorts, and, if need be, cut a tree down. This means durable, sharp, and not hefty. There are many gimmicky "survival knives" out there, but Ka-Bar will never let you down.

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    My chose would be the mora classic 2. High carbon steel so you would be able to start fires and at only $10 why not?

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    to me of the two, the omni hunter would be the better survival knife, but personally, I can think of something more affordable, smaller and better quality then that, it's a frost mora.

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    the mora 760 would be my choice, a hardened stainless steel that just holds an edge as well as a carbon steel blade, seriously, without the worry of rusting.

    the reasons I like Frost Moras are that they're extremely affordable and the scandinavian grind that tey have is extremely sharp and easy to maintain.

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    Go to and get the rough use knifes. They are $9 and they have scored better than knives that cost 10X what they do. I bought one for an ex and he tourtured that thing with no problems. I saw him cut down a tree with it and pry open rusty boxes.

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    Randall made knives! But if you don't want to wait 4+ years buy Buck, Cold Steel, or maybe Ka-Bar.

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    cheaper and better quality?

    Dude, you're getting a Gerber.

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