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Anonymous asked in TravelMexicoPuerto Vallarta · 1 decade ago

What should I do in Puerto Vallarta?

Okay so I'm turning 15 in July 31. But I'm not having a quinceanera. So my mom asked me if i wanted $1,000 for clothes or a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco MX. cause my step-dad's family lives overthere which i get along with GREAT! So obviously i chose the trip for a week. I will be traveling by myself. When I get there, I don't know what I shoud do? I've heard that Puerto Vallarta has amazing clubs for teens & i want to check them out but i dont know the names and stuff. And also, I want some ideas of how i could enjoy Puerto Vallarta DAY AND NIGHT.! Cause it's basically my 15 birthday present & i want to have as much fun as I can...So any ideas??? oh & yes, i do have some cousins there that i could hang out with so i wont be going out by myself. They are like 1-2 years older than me, three years the most...I dont know why I just said that but I though it would be a good thing to know. SO PLEASE YOU GUYS..GIVE ME IDEAS.! cause i don't really think my cousins would know any place..maybe yes but i don't wonna risk that's why i wonna find out in time.(:



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  • Bjarki
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    1 decade ago
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    ok here my answer

    52 Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

    Need a little help deciding what to do? Well, maybe these tips will be just enough to get you started.

    1 Get a bird's eye view of Vallarta on a parasail ride over Banderas Bay

    2 Snorkel or Scuba Dive at Los Arcos or Las Marietas with SCUBA VALLARTA

    3 Have your portrait or caricature done by a street artist on the Malecon

    4 Visit La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - the heart of Vallarta

    5 Haggle with vendors at the El Centro Mercado Municipal "flea market"

    6 Experience the magic of México aboard a La Marigalante night cruise

    7 Rent a car and explore the secluded beaches along the Nayarit coast

    8 Reel in the big ones on a MR MARLIN deep sea fishing charter

    9 Try to spot the elusive "green flash" as the sun sets over Banderas Bay

    10 Buy a teeny bikini, hat, or souvenier T-shirt to wear on the beach

    11 Stroll down the Rio Cuale River Walk and visit the pre-Hispanic museum

    12 Play a round of golf on one of Vallarta's 7 world-class golf courses

    13 exercise your option for health at one of the many fitness centers

    14 Swim and interact with Pacific bottlenose dolphins at DOLPHIN ADVENTURE

    15 Take a horseback ride or hike through the jungle to Yelapa's waterfall

    16 Explore the streets of Puerto Vallarta on a motorbike or moped rental

    17 Race around Super Karts' professional go cart track in Nuevo Vallarta

    18 Rent a mountain bike and explore the hills behind Puerto Vallarta

    19 Enjoy a romantic dinner at LA PALAPA RESTAURANT on Los Muertos Beach

    20 Dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs along the Malecon

    21 Peruse the works of Mexican artists in any of the many art galleries

    22 Practice your Spanish reading the subtitles at the movie theaters

    23 Experience the culture and history of Mexico at a Mexican Fiesta

    24 Keep in touch with friends back home at one of the many cyber cafes

    25 Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or spa treatment

    26 Treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail served in a coconut shell

    27 Shop for a beach house or vacation home, so you can visit more often

    28 Toast the sunset at the El Faro Lighthouse Bar in Marina Vallarta

    29 Visit the movie set of "The Night of the Iguana" on Mismaloya Beach

    30 Tour Casa Kimberly, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's love nest

    31 Fly up to the village of SAN SEBASTIAN in the Sierra Madre Mountains

    32 Wobble across the two swinging bridges from Isla Rio Cuale

    33 Ask strangers on the Malecon if they have change for a peso

    34 Take all three walking tour in El Centro or Marina Vallarta

    35 Explore the jungle behind Vallarta inside a huge 4-wheel drive-truck

    36 Try a genuine Cuban cigar, or a shot of Raicilla - Mexico's "moonshine"

    37 Go on a Banderas Bay WHALE WATCHING excursion or whale photo safari

    38 Take the bus to Punta de Mita and enjoy a day at El Anclote beach

    39 Get wet & wild on the 9 water slides [toboganes] at Splash Water Park

    40 Enjoy a day of palapa hopping at Vallarta's busiest beach, Los Muertos

    41 Eat a chocolate banana, ear of corn or fish on a stick

    42 Shop for Mexican TALAVERA pottery, tiles, dinnerware and accessories

    43 Feel wealthy by living the "high life" at Mexico's discount prices

    44 Drink a Tequila Sunrise as you watch the sunset on the Mexican Pacific

    45 Get a temporary tattoo while basking in the sun on Playa los Muertos

    46 Explore Banderas Bay on MARINA MISMALOYA's Discovery Cruise or sailboat

    47 Shop for silver jewelry, blankets & vacation souvenirs on the beach

    48 Take a morning or sunset stroll along a beautiful white sand beach

    49 Swing through the jungle like Tarzan on VALLARTA ADVENTURES' canopy tour

    50 Go to a bloodless bullfight at Vallarta's bullring on a Wednesday evening

    51 Listen to the Municipal Band at the Plaza on Sunday or Thursday nights

    52 Attend a local AA meeting and complain about the last time your car got towed

    Source(s): a man mexican from guadalajara
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Miami,never Mexico

  • 1 decade ago

    well obviously you are going to have fun come on Mexico, wow!

    the beach is gorgeous and the Mexican guys are gorgeous too!

    I would say what to do but i definitely I'm oing to say that there a bunch of stuff to do there.

    all you need is mucho dinero and time.

    have a good trip=)

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  • kapn
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    1 decade ago

    El Libro........this child is 14 are you out of your mind.........

    Hang out with your cousins.........

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