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請問氫氧機磷灰石 Hydroxylapatite的檢測方法


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    Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 47A , November 2008, pp. 1626-1631

    Synthesis of nano sized hydroxyapatite powder using sol-gel technique and its conversion to dense and porous bodies


    Hydroxyapatite powder has been prepared via sol-gel procedure using calcium nitrate tetrahydrate and diammonium hydrogen phosphate as the precursors for calcium and phosphorus, respectively. XRD measurement shows that the powder contains hydroxyapatite crystals with b-TCP and calcium oxide as secondary phases. Hydroxyapatite powder of higher purity, i. e., the correct Ca/P ratio, has been obtained by adding an appropriate amount of diammonium hydrogen phosphate and heating with stirring. Morphological evaluation by SEM measurement shows that the particles of the HA are tightly agglomerated and globular in shape with an average size of 1 -2 mm. The primary particulates have average diameters of 50-200 nm, as detected by SEM and nanoparticle sizer.

    Purity (almost 100%) of the obtained hydroxyapatite has been confirmed by XRD analysis. Its performance has been tested by making dense and porous samples.

    2. J. K. Han, H.Y. Song, F. S. and B. T. Lee, “Synthesis of high purity nano-sized hydroxyapatite powder by microwave-hydrothermal method”, Mater. Chem. Phys. 99 (2006) 235




    論文中第四章 (實驗結果與討論)ㄧ定有你喜歡的資料!!

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    96年成功大學材料科學及工程學系博士論文(奈米級氫氧基磷灰石之合成及燒結 )



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