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我需要高手 麻煩大家中翻英~~~急

西元1969年7月21日 .這場不可思議的太空歷險.透過電視的轉撥使全世界超過六億人口見證了人類史上首次登陸月球的壯舉.太空人阿姆斯壯(Neil Alden Armstrong)緩慢地從阿波羅11號(Apollo 11)扶著梯子走下登月艙.

在零晨2點56分,令人興奮的時刻,宇宙史和人類史即將被改寫.阿姆斯壯左腳踏上了月球表面,在寂靜的月球塵土上烙上了人類的第一個腳印.簡單卻有雋永的一句話訴說著人類史上最偉大的一次任務 然而也開啟了人類奔向太空探險的渴望與希望。




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    July 21, 1969


    An incredible space adventure was broadcasted through television to the world. Over 600 million people witnessed this historic moment as man first landed on the moon.

    太空人阿姆斯壯(Neil Alden Armstrong)緩慢地從阿波羅11號(Apollo 11)扶著梯子走下登月艙.

    Astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong slowly walks down the landing stairs of Apollo 11 Lunar Module.


    At 2.56 am, the history of the universe and the human race is rewritten.


    The left foot of Armstrong landed on the moon's surface, and imprinted human's first ever footprint on the quiet dusty surface of the moon.

    簡單卻有雋永的一句話訴說著人類史上最偉大的一次任務 然而也開啟了人類奔向太空探險的渴望與希望。

    This simple yet significant sentence speaks of the greatest achievement of human history and also ignites the desires and hopes of humankind to space exploration.

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