what is the cheapest car insurrance to start at?

im about to get my licence im going to have to pay for my insurrance on my own and money is deffinately an issue and i dont need good coverage. what are the top ten cheapest car insurers

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    10 years ago
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    Keep in mind those under 18 have to be covered by their parents policy. IF the car is paid off then the cheapest coverage would be liability only, if there's a loan then the bank requires you to have full coverage, raising the deductable, perhaps from $500 to $1000 will lower the premium.

    The particular insurance companies that operate in a each state differs. Here's a sampling of the 10 lowest out of the 64 companies the State of Maryland provides for a 23 year old male:

    Government Employees Insurance Co. $790

    GEICO General Insurance Company 790

    Unitrin Auto and Home Insurance Co. 809

    Harleysville Preferred Insurance Company 945

    USAA Casualty Insurance Company 988

    Garrison Property and Casualty Company 1000

    Erie Insurance Exchange 1078

    Depositors Insurance Company 1118

    United Farm Family Insurance Company 1136

    Allied P&C Insurance Company 1148

    --- the highest ---

    AIG Casualty Company $3549 (they charge a 65 year old guy $1037)

    That 4/1 price range should a reminder that it pays to shop around, you might see of your state provides sample rates.

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    10 years ago

    There are way too many variables. What is the cheapest company for one person may be the most expensive for another. You must have a car to insure, then call around for quotes for insurance on it.

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    10 years ago

    first find out what your states minimum liability requires. this is a must. then you must decide on collision, comprehensive, deductible, medical payment, road service and car rental. the car type and year will have a bearing on the rate. after all this go online and request quotes from companies. your age, location of garage, mileage driven, where you drive, other drivers and age can affect the premium. claim service is important. be sure to check your local agents . they are usually the most reliable and knowledgeable.

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    For me Sheila's Wheels were most inexpensive 3 years on trot. It relies upon on your circumstances as distinct insurers provide lower price rates to distinct circumstances. issues that effect insurance will be, age, job variety, the position you stay,homestead proprietor,married,little ones, no claims and so on. the costs provided on a good number of the search web content are frequently in user-friendly terms a hallmark and at the same time as i tried this i found that the actual cost replaced into many times more desirable than indicated. sturdy success.

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