Movie Experts, unite to help me find this movie please! :)?

around last year I watched the beginning of a movie on the nostradomous, and I cannot remember the title! All i remember is two people driving in a jeep aand talking about how "the earth will stop spinning, there will be two days of pure sunlight, then the earth as we know it will end" I rele wanna see this movie again but when i try searching it all i find is 2012 predictions and the movie Starring John Cusack.. which isnt the one im looking for.. PLEASE HELP :)

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    1 decade ago
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    About 95% sure it is "Knowing"

    "In the year 1959, a frightened and disturbed little girl named Lucinda was in school when her class was drawing up pictures for the school's time capsule, but Lucinda drew up a weird system of numbers and even was scratching at the school janitor's door. Now, 50 years later, John Koestler an astronomer and a professor at MIT is at his son, Caleb's school to open up the time capsule and was given Lucinda's system of numbers. When John was looking at the numbers, he quickly realized that it was some type of code that predicted the month, date and year of a specific disaster, and how many people died in that particular disaster. After witnessing a plane crash at Logan International Airport, and saving people from a freak New York Subway accident, John realizes that the last disaster on the code is the end of the world when one of the Sun's solar flares will scorch the Earth. Meanwhile, Caleb witnesses strange people who stalk him, and a little girl named Abby and her mother named Diana. Now, John and his son Caleb along with Abby and Diana must save as many people as they can from the Sun's solar flares while trying to find out about the strange people."

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    That sort of sounds like the movie Knowing staring Nicolas Cage but I'm not sure.

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    That's the movie "Knowing" and it was really good! :)

    Here is the IMDB site:

    It came out in 2009 and it starred stars Nicolas Cage.

    Hope this helps! :)

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