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How can i make my baby fish grow faster?

Okay so what is a good food to make baby kribensis cichlids grow fast. Is that cichlid grow food from spectrum good.

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    Raise the temp in the tank to about 82 degrees and feed them a good high protein fry food for egglayers at least 3 times a day. I use HBH's "First Bites" for egglayers for my fry. Once they get a little size on them, substitute one feeding of baby brine shrimp for one of the feedings of the dry food. During their first 4 weeks, you should be doing 30-40% water changes at least 3 times a week. Many professional breeders have "drip systems" that continually change the water in their "grow out tanks." A friend of mine breeds discus and he has a system that changes 100% of the water in his fry tanks over each 24 hour period.

    To feed the dry food, get a cup and put some tank water in it. Tap some fry food into the water and stir it up. Now get a brand new, never used , turkey baster and suck up some of the water with the fry food in it. Now sloooowwly squirt this over the fry as they hug the bottom.

    The parents may attack the baster, but don't worry, they will not harm it or themselves. Just don't tease them with it, they may decide that eating their own fry is the solution to keeping the baster from eating them. This is called the law of conservation of protein and happens with parents and fry when they think they cannot protect the babies from whatever predator is attacking.

    If you do not have the parents in the tank with the fry, you should have a crew of snails or 4-5 corys to clean up the uneaten food that will inevitably be missed by the fry.

    The smaller the tank for the fry (if the parents are not present to herd them into a group) the better. A small tank makes it much easier for the fry to find the food.


    Source(s): 23 tanks up and running at present. 26 years experience in keeping and breeding many species of tropicals, cichlids (yellows, moorii and dogtooths), snails and shrimp.
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    the best way to make them grow fast is in a large tank with clean water. let it grow on it's own. make sure your not feeding it cheap food and you have the right light set up and your fish will grow.

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