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beginner in Skateboarding......?

okay so ive never skateboarded but i'm going to learn how to soon. i need a skateboard but i'm on a tight budget, i'm willing to spend around $60.

Is this a good board?


If not, what would be a good one around my price range above, or at least a good store to buy one. & how do you have any pointers on skateboarding for the first time? I've never tried it b4.

How do you know what size to buy if your buying online?

I'm 5'2, 103 lbs, wear size 7 shoe if it helps for the size skateboard. :) thanks

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    i have been skating for a Number of years and to be honest the board doesn't matter.

    if your on a tight budget you shouldn't be shopping online odds are there will be a shipping fee and those suck

    so heres what you do

    go to a local shop and get a blank deck which are about $20 and they are one thousand times better then walmart boards

    then you get a cheap pair of wheels -- $15

    and some cheap trucks--$30

    but dont go cheap on barrings you want to get atleat abec 7's which are a little pricy depending on brand.

    when it comes to helmets and pads. i never used em. the only thing i ever hurt are my ankles. and just a few scratches here and there if you have good reflexs no need for a helmet haha

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    Looks like a good board! Just remember that you will also need to get wheels. I actually do have a few pointers for you-

    1. Even though it might look uncool, you need to wear a helmet and knee pads, elbow pads, etc. I had a Friend who fell on her head and needed 5 stitches.

    2. Skateboarding is hard at first, just stick with it!

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    This is the snowboarding section buddy.

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