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What scary movie from the 70s or 80s has this scene?

where the main character is taking a shower and the water turns to blood.

She is also serve tea (or coffee) and it turns to blood also.


Thank you..that's it....tell me more about Patrick.....I'm also looking for a film about a man named Adam.....all I remember is it is scary and it was on tv about the same time.

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    Thirst (1979)

    starring Chantal Contouri, Henry Silva, Rod Mullinar, David Hemmings, Robert Thompson

    IMDb synopsis:

    The descendant of Elizabeth Bathory is abducted by a cult of self-proclaimed supermen who achieve this state of superiority by drinking from the "blood cows" (read: people) kept at the "dairy farm", and they try to get her to join them.

    IMDb review:

    Contouri is a wealthy young woman who is told she comes from a strong family of vampires and enter a "Brave New World"-type scenario in which subjects "donate" blood, which is packaged in milk cartons and delivered to all the vampires living in the outside world.

    Here's the movie trailer:


    Youtube thumbnail

    I haven't seen this one since the early Eighties on HBO, but I vividly recall many scenes. I keep hoping that some cable movie channel will air it, as well as "Patrick", another Australian thriller of that era.

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    i have under no circumstances been scared through a movie in my existence, yet there has in user-friendly terms been one movie that ever even were given close. it isn't new, even though it is fairly damn stunning. it is a 1990 horror called 'It', depending on the Stephen King novel of a similar call. i'm an excellent horror fan, and it is unquestionably my prevalent one. It scared the crap out of my maximum acceptable chum when we watched it. you should attempt the spoke of videos, and Orphan is fairly creepy i think. T.x.

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