Are cigarettes classified as drugs?

Or would using them be substance abuse?

Just doing an essay on the impact of drugs and would like to know if they are classified, by law, as drugs.

Thanks everyone ^_^

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    A drug is something that affects your body.

    Not all drugs are illegal. Drugs like cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine are illegal. Other drugs which are against the law include speed, heroin, LSD and magic mushrooms.

    But many are legal like alcohol, headache tablets, cigarettes and glue.

    Some legal drugs can only be given out by doctors, like tranquilisers. For this kind of drug doctors give you a special letter to take to the chemist's shop. This is called a prescription.

    Drugs affect lots of people's lives. Even legal drugs can be dangerous when people become addicted to them, like alcohol or smoking.

  • Leo R
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    No, no, no.... to the first 3 answerers.

    Tobacco is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So it is not classified as a drug in the U.S. Neither is alcohol.

    Tobacco cannot be sold to minors -- but that is a completely separate law from the laws governing the prescription and sale of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

    Scientifically speaking, are cigarettes drugs? No, they are a delivery system for the compounds in tobacco.

    Scientifically speaking, is tobacco a drug? No, tobacco is a plant that contains many different compounds. When tobacco is burned and the smoke inhaled, some compounds that affect physiology are released, such as nicotine.

    Is nicotine a drug? Yes. Cigarettes get a pass, but nicotine patches are regulated by the FDA.

    Abusing a substance is more inclusive than abusing a drug. Paint thinner, glue, tobacco and alcohol are substances that can be abused, but are not drugs.

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    The tobacco in the cigarettes are classified as drugs! Hope this helps.

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    I agree with Leo R! Thats exactly what I was gonna say but he stole my answer....

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    gateway drug, substance abuse as well

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