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Marine active duty Vs. Marine reserves?

I'm looking to enlist in the Marines after high school because I want to serve my country. I was first thinking about active duty, but then thought about the reserves. I heard that while in the Reserves, I can still go to College but I'd have to train one weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer. My first question is, if my unit got called while in college, how does that all work with enrollment in the school? I mean I have absolutely no problem going, just curious as to how that'd work. Also, I eventually want to go Active duty someday. Would it be too much of a hassel, because i've heard that it takes a lot of paper work to transfer to active? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    You need to decide if you want to be a part time Marine or a full time Marine.

    The USMC reserves SHOULD NOT be used as a place to serve a year or so to see if you like it before you go active. If you want active, then choose that. If you want reserves, then choose that.

    If you are in the reserves and get activated, then oh well. Your life(college) gets put on hold and you go honor your obligations. Many times a 4 year degree can take 5-6 years to accomplish while in the reserves. It all depends on whether you get activated or not.

    Many people today try to go reserves with the master plan of going active later on. This does not always work out in the USMC. When you choose to do this route, you cancel your contract and you are allowing the USMC to use you as they wish, if they wanted to, so remember that.

    Bottom line is this. Don't enlist into either of them until you are 100 percent positive this is what you want to be in.

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    The Marines pay for your college.

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