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Conformation experts..pls help. Which horse seems better?

I am looking to buy a horse but I don't want to rush into anything. I would like to view these two horses but before I do, pls can you tell me what you think of them and what they look like to you conformationwise. I know which one I prefer but I would like to get a second opinion from horse people. Thanks a lot.

I have a really nice picture of this one but unfortunately cannot upload it here,, so this will have to do..


EDIT - unfortunately I don't have any pics that I can upload here but you are right, the Appy's hind feet are a bit under his body (I am not an expert but I can see that). I am looking to buy a horse that I can ride on trails mainly, not looking for a jumper. Just thought you people might help me decide which one seems a better choice, if I were to buy one of these :) I know pics are awful and it is hard to judge.. but thanks anyway!!

Update 2:

Haha,I completely agree, maybe my question was a bit silly, but I prefer the QH filly a lot more. Training is not an issue, I had a young horse before that I trained myself, I love working with horses, so that's not an issue. I am very open to what horse I get, that's why the total opposites:) The Appy owner said they had many green riders on him, bareback riders too. He just has a mind of his own at times. The problem with the QH is she is 4 hrs away from here.. But she is very pretty...

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    I'm no expert, but I'll give it a shot.

    What are you going to use them for? A cutting horse needs different conformation than a jumper. It's important!

    Otherwise, these are not conformation shots. It is really hard to tell anything about these horses' bodies as these pictures are not set up square and from a proper angle. You would also need head on and backside shots, too, to look at the legs in detail.

    I can tell you that the gelding has a really long back. His legs are really far under him. His neck ties in low to his very upright shoulder. His hind is disproportionately small compared to his forehand. He has very slight withers. His head is large. He needs some work build up some topline and some muscle. He looks like he hasn't been worked in a few years. He's 11 and not for beginners- not a good sign.

    I like the mare more. She has a more balanced look, with her forehand and hind end more or less in proportion. I can't tell if she is down hill or not. Her neck ties in higher than the geldings. I like her shoulder. She has a nice amount of muscling for a two year old. Her legs look nice, from what I can see (which isn't much :P). I like her deep girth and wide chest- that makes for endurance. She looks like a nice horse in the making.

    That's all I can say until you give some more pictures, if you can.

    ADD- If you're going to ride recreationally, either one would be functionally sound enough for light riding. If you're going to ride trails competitively or over very tough terrain/ long distances, that mare would be a better choice, of these two. She will stand up better over the long term and will have smoother, more pleasurable gaits with proper training.

    With this buyers market, I would keep looking for something you just can't live without. You can buy a lot of horse for $2000 right now. If I were you, I would look for something around 5 or 6, with some good solid training on it, some mileage on it and reasonable conformation that will allow it to hold up to anything you're going to throw at it. You would probably want to look for something built slightly uphill, with a good wither, deep girth, sound and sturdy legs, and a comfortable gait. I think you're on the right track looking at stock type breeds. Don't discount an Arab or an Arab cross for what you're doing, though. Your perfect horse is out there! Keep looking.

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    The first horse is nice. The pictures are a little hard to judge because they're small and not at the greatest angles. But there's nothing real obvious that is wrong with her. She's a horse I would consider looking at.

    The second horse may be a pretty color but the conformation is pretty bad. He's really long, has very little hindquarters, a thick neck and a big shoulder. He's really disproportionate (spelling? lol) and awkward looking. That is not a horse I'd look at for myself, or for anyone else.

    Also, if you are seriously looking at these horses, do you know what you're looking for? One's a 2 year old mare and the other's an 11 year old gelding. It's really inconsistent, so think about what you want in a horse - other than a pretty color - and find something that will work for you.

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    It's very unusual to be comparing a 2 year old qh filly to a 10 year old appy gelding! Usually, if you know what you want, you compare things a little closer in age and training. These just aren't comparable.

    That said, the qh is far and away the better horse. If you want an untrained two year old you can't ride for another year, and will have to train then, this is the one to get. She's got potential and conformation.

    The appy is as good as he'll ever get. He's got a straight funky shoulder and many other conformation issues. He's ten, and needs an experienced rider. He's unlikely to ever excel.

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    omg lol the appy looks just a horse we have here

    I prefer the quarter horse but she's still young. You didn't say what you would be doing with the horse, you have to look at conformation for use as well as the correct conformation for the breed. I must say too that nether of these horses look suitable for a novice home not that I'm saying you are of course but just so you know. Sensible not to be rushing into anything!

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    I say the Q-horse. I think she has better conformation and could go a lot farther than the 10 y.o. gelding who is in pretty bad shape to begin with. And a plus is that the mare is cheaper!

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    I'm sorry to say it, but that appaloosa is a mess! His confo is awful and he's very awkward looking.

    The quarter horse is MUCH better. Although, it's hard to judge her confo because there are no good confo pictures of her. But from what I can see, she's much better proportioned, has better muscling, and will be a much better mover.

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    I am trying to be unbiased here (as I love appaloosas the most)

    Confirmation wise, the quarter horse is better.

    The appaloosa's hind hooves are a bit too far in front of his hind legs. It could just be the picture, but that is what I see.

  • i would go with the dun...looks like a great horse to for the app hes pretty 2 but i have known apps 2 b more spunky/ hyper...but they r also good trail or barrel racing horses :) and some advice..pick the horse that you think would be best for you...of course go and look at the horses, rub their body, try and pick up their feet, rub their face..u know that kinda thing lol u also need 2 try and ride them if at all possible

    Source(s): me lol :)
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    i'm sorry, but that appaloosa is terrible. and that is not a lie. i'm hurt just saying that. i love appaloosas. but the quarter horse is much better. nicer body. both the horses are on the fat side and need to loose some weight. i hope this helps you make the right decision!

    theres a horse with great conformation!

    Happy Trails!

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    If you buy one of these, get the filly. Her conformation is MUCH better!

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