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Jeff Gordon just blew it.......?

Yeah he got bumped out of the way, but if he didn't slam down into Kenseth then Hamlin wouldn't have scooted by so easily. That obviously cut Kenseth's tire down and he had to let up, then it was Hamlin's race. I know he was mad at Kenseth but he ruined his race doing so. For a veteran and 4 time champion that was a mistake that a rookie would make.

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    Gordon should be glad Kenseth didn't put his butt to the wall when he came down on Kenseth the whole way down the backstretch. He did cost himself this race.

    I have to give Hamlin the credit though, he took advantage of that very well and made a great move to do it.

    I used to defend NASCAR fans from the stereotypes of being racist bigots, but with so many haters of the Japanese and Toyota that is hard to do now. v

    I guess it wouldn't be NASCAR if Gordon fans weren't bitching about their "haters." Gordon came down on Kenseth in the turns. Kenseth did race a little more aggressively than he should in the turns. But apparently some people cannot read as I specifically mentioned the straightaway not the turns. And I'm no Gordon hater, I may be the only NASCAR fan who doesn't care for him either way. I would've rather he won than Hamlin to be honest; I don't like Hamlin.

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    All of you people who root against Jeff Gordon are retards. Why are you putting your self up for a undesirable weekend. Root for Gordon and your weekend would have a happy ending. Ya'll do know he's on a tear suitable now suitable.

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    Your right, but Kenseth should have won. Jeff Gordon took the win from Kenseth and made it rough on himself also. Fantastic ending though. Congratulations to Joe Gibbs racing. Pretty soon they won't be needing Kyle anymore.

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    Have to give Hamlin some credit for that win. My boy Joseph Logano got another Top 5 (2nd) and Jeff gets 3rd at the Paper Clip

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    If your going to blame anyone for what happened, blame the disrespectful wreckless Gibbs idiots. I know they made a mistake pitting when they were leading, but that is no excuse to drive like mad men and ram the top 10 out of their way. At least Kyle got what he deserved. Then Hamlin took it on himself to hit everyone out of his way and damn whoever gets screwed by it.

    I like good races and using the chrome horn to slip by, but they pushed it way too far.

    Kenseth shouldve punted Gordon though for turning into him like that. Kenseth barely nudged him, but good ole Gordon had to "make sure he didn't win." That was low class.

    Edit at Jimbob, there is a difference between doing what it takes to win and nearly wrecking everyone in the top 10.

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    Whether you're right or wrong, it's short track racing. When you put a huge pack of hungry drivers trying to get everything they can in a double file restart on a 1 groove racetrack that's what you get.

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    AFter the pitstop I thought Hamlin had no chance!

    Gordon was doing what he thought he had to do to win... hard to fault him there. Can Nascar please get a clue and fix the splitter from being used as a weapon!

    No excuse to drive like mad to get to the front? Now some of you are going to blame Hamlin for doing just enough to win the race?


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    Gordon has a lethargic crew chief who does not have the winning mentality needed and makes wrong choices in the pits and makes his car worse as race progresses.

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    He didn't turn down into the replay. Kenseth overdrove the corner and came up across Gordon. Kenseth plowed into Gordon and Gordon payed him back. I have absolutely no respect for guys like Kenseth who wreck the same guy over and over again. Matt has been shoving Gordon around for years, and Jeff always gets him right back. The haters will just keep on hating......go ahead, give me all the thumbs down you want and keep trying to look through closed doors.

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    Cut Gordon some slack. He isn't used to protecting the lead like he used to before he brought Johnson on the scene.

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