Can anyone suggest any informative, yet simple books on medicine?

I'm a GCSE student, continuing to college in september with a view to studying A levels in chemistry, biology, maths and french and then hopefully medicine at university.

I was hoping to try and get some base reading done, just to double check that that's definitely what i want to do. And because i think i'd find it unbelievably interesting. :)

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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    Hey! I'm in year 11 too doing exactly the same subjects as you for A level bar maths, though im thinking of either doing maths or physics as an AS when I'm in year 13 as i hate both the subjects but will probably need them for a competitive entry into medicine.. yep I wanna do medicine too :D

    It sounds silly but medical dramas like Holby City, Casualty etc. and actual factual documentary style medical programmes reinforced my desire to be a doctor! So maybe watching some of them is quite useful instead of just reading, as even the dramas include proper terminology and procedures.

    I also found that reading medical journals such as 'The Lancet' and 'BMJ' were extremely interesting and gave a good insight into possible future medical techniques/methods, theories etc. that we may be using in the future if we are fortunate enough to finally become doctors :)

    I haven't actually read from any actual books yet, I've just been doing a lot of internet surfing regarding terminology which then stemmed on to reading about procedures and stuff - so interesting i love it! However I spoke to a friend in year 13 a few months back who is going off to uni next year to study medicine, and she did reccommend two books to me, although they were concerning interviews at uni. So I'll include this information anyway just if you were interested - if you apply to either of these 4 uni's then you will have to sit the BMAT entrance exam: UCL, Imperial, Cambridge and Oxford. In the exam you are asked questions on maths and science but there is also an english paper where you will have to write about a given topic, which will be of course medically related. But anyway, to help with the writing, my friend suggested this reading material for it - 'medical ethics a very short introduction' by Tony Hope. & also "Philosphy of science, a very short introduction " by Samir Okasha. She said these were really easy to read and that 90% of the topic questions in the exam were lifted from the text!

    Sorry this is so long winded for such a simple question, but I hope this helps!!

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