How do you deal with a rebellious teenager?

My bf of a year and half has a rebellious 14 yr old daughter. Her and I have formed a very close relationship the past 6 months and she tells me everything, too much actually! I hate keeping stuff from her dad so I try to tell him some of the things and tell her not to tell me anymore. Him and I are both push overs and it becomes overwhelming dealing with a rebellious teen. Her mother lives in a different state and her father has full custody. I'm only 26 but very mature and love her father & her very much.

Recently I found out she had started dating a 21 year old man on probation. So I waited a few days to decide how and when I was going to tell her father. I waited 2 days and just told him. He wants me to find out all the info I can and talk with her.

We are suppose to be moving out of state within the next 2 months. We are not living together right now but I'm so afraid she's going to put him against me. I was raised by very strict religious parents and I can't stand watching her act this way. Any advice?

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    Ew, that's a pedo for sure if she's dating an adult. Like eww.

    Yeah, I think you should not keep anymore of her secrets to yourself. Her father should be in this too. If she thinks that it's confidential, it's not. This is very serious to what she's dealing with. A 21 yr old man dating a 14 yr old girl is nasty. He has issues if he can't get a girl his age.

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    About 10 years ago I found myself in the same place you are right now except it was a son. I told my bf son that anything he said to me from that day forward would not be kept secret from his Dad...if he didn't want his Dad to know then don't tell me. Not only did he continue to talk to me (Me and the bf are no longer together) but I am very much the step G~ma of his sons new baby~:)

    I think the son knew all along I was going to's like you said... some things you have to could be dangerous not to.

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    10 years ago

    You really should have told her father as soon as you found out becuase that's illegal.

    Well first off, you should support your bf but stay out of it because you are not her mother. He needs to become more stern with her since she is getting into so much trouble. Fill her days up with other things. I think at 14 you can get *some* jobs. See if you can get her a part time job doing something to fill up her time. Kids act out becuase they are bored and are looking for attention.

  • 10 years ago

    teenagers are really promiscuous. she is probably doing that to experience something "different", or she is doing that because she wants attention, or probably more.

    i think the best thing you can do, or try to do,is invite the person she's dating over so you would know why she likes the man or what is in that guy that she likes so much. i think that would be a fair thing to do. hope this helps.

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