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What sparked the Attack in Russia politically?

What did the Russians do or Not do - that caused terr0ists to blow up trains with KBG on them.

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    Chechen Rebels -- they're Muslims. That's what Muslims do when they have the ability to do it. History is filled with their terror. Oil money has given them the ability again. Iran, people like Saddam, wealthy Saudi Arabians have been funding Islamic terror for decades. THAT is what the Global War on Terror is about.

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    'KBG'? Don't you watch movies or read books. Its KGB and it has not existed for a couple of decades now. There seems to be some problem in Russia between the Russian gov't and Chechan (Muslim) separatists. Chechans don't want to be a part of the Russian Federation. No big deal here, its just freedom fighters expressing their desires. You have a good day now

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