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why does my ps3 fan get really loud playin uncharted 2?

i just bought uncharted 2 for ps3, n my fan get really loud when i start playing it.. ive looked at other posts n everyone say's it has to do with the process... so if i buy a ps3 external fan would that cool my system down and prevent it from making this loud annoyin noise?

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    1 decade ago
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    Bcoz ur SPE's r workin 100% of time,so the fan is loud.Honestly u shudn't care abt it as u will lbe pretty immersed in d game.Dn worry abt the fan noise.If u still wanna reduce the risk play it in intervals.(like 2 hrs n switch it off, again after 1hr play......)

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  • 1 decade ago


    Yes the cooling makes sound obvious but it should never be loud. It is possible that it is loud if so that is a very very uncommon problem. But it exists, that means the assemblage of the fan might have gone wrong.

    But the question here is how loud is loud it is loud. Loud is a relative word is it louder as the sound of a dvd player being ran at full speed? It is louder as an xbox 360 scratching your games? Is it louder then a "silent" train going by? Is it louder then..

    Now if it is un PS3 like loud then yes maybe the fan needs to be fixed then you have to send it in to Sony.

    Uncharted 2 is one of hte games that really really uses the PS3 well. With that I mean every knook and crany it is only out on the PS3 and only capable to run on the SP3. Because it uses the full architecture. This does means a little bit more heat so the fan has to work harder to keep cool.

    And yet it still is no Xbox 360!

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