Has there ever been a movie that involved pinball machines?

Has there ever been a movie that involved pinball machines. like people competing in a tournament or something

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    Not specifically movies, but here's a list of many media clips that involved pinball. The DVDs that they are on are available for purchase (see sources, below). I have no relationship with the seller, by the way (though I do subscribe to his magazine, The Pingame Journal).


    Naked Gun (0:00:41)

    Friends (0:03:12)

    Detroit Pistons stadium intro video (0:04:46)

    Grand Theft Auto-Vice City (0:05:29)

    Love & War (0:09:16)

    Principal Financial Group commercial (0:10:20)

    Seven Days (0:10:50)

    Getting By (0:11:30)

    Sharpshooters Pinball Tournament (0:15:08)

    Music video cartoon (0:20:33)

    On Q (0:22:37) (Stern Pinball factory –1980)

    Pinball playing record – news feature (0:25:24)

    Collection—Joe Spinelli – news feature (0:26:25)

    TV/Movie quick takes (0:29:29)

    # Three Stooges

    # Anatomy of a Murder

    # Perry Mason

    # Alfred Hitchcock

    # Bugs Bunny baseball

    In The Line of Duty: The FBI Murders (0:33:00)

    Insight: King of the Penny Arcade (0:34:32)

    TV/Movie quick takes (0:37:46)

    # W.C. and Me

    # W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings

    # Apprentiship of Duddy Kravitz

    # Hard Times

    Rover automobile commercial--BBC (0:38:54)

    Andy Richter Controls The Universe (0:39:52)

    Michigan pinball tourney--news feature (0:40:38)

    Collection--Marc Fellman & Wade Wright--news feature (0:43:08)

    Collection--Dave De Safey--news feature (0:44:25)

    Collection--HGTV segment (0:46:50)

    Northern Exposure (0:47:54)

    Star Trek--original series (0:48:48)

    Star Trek: Voyager (0:50:02)

    Chips Ahoy commercial (0:51:39)

    Collection – Ken Shaffer – HGTV (0:52:09)

    Tales From The Crypt (0:54:00)

    Playboy Mansion tour – A&E (0:56:04)

    The Popular Mechanics Show (0:57:30) (Steve Kordek, Roger Sharpe, Michael Gottlieb, Steve Ritchie—No Fear)

    PAPA II news feature segments (1:05:06) (Featuring champ, Rick Stetta, Steve Epstein, Roger Sharpe, Lyman Sheats)

    Omni: The New Frontier – Suzanne Ciani, voice of Xenon (1:19:02)

    The China Syndrome (1:27:18)

    The Magnificent Marble Machine (1:28:27)

    Risco (1:33:55) (German quiz show—subjects based on contestant’s interests—this segment features

    Austrian pin enthusiast, Jost Berger)

    Then & Now (late 70s) (1:44:24)

    Music video “Pinball Cha Cha” by Yello (1:47:43)

    Collection – Jim Schelberg – news feature (1:51:17)


    Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ channel 7 station ID

    Happy Days collection (0:00:49)

    CNN—Science & Technology Today (0:13:34) (Pinball Expo 1990, Roger Sharpe, Steve Kordek, Williams factory)

    Arcade Attack – BBC 1982 (0:16:24)

    Eureka! – BBC "how-it-was-made" show, pinball segment (0:37:26) (show regulars featured as Harry Williams, Ray Moloney, and David Gottlieb)

    Entertainment Tonight – 3/1991 (0:45:25) (Elvira, Roger Sharpe, Steve Engel, George Pins collection, Sara Jessica Parker)

    Good Morning America – Elvira (0:49:41)

    ABC News report – 1990 – (0:49:58) (Roger Sharpe, Broadway Arcade—Steve Epstein, Williams factory)

    Pinball Wizards Convention (0:52:29)

    Tommy on Broadway segments (0:54:08)

    Clarinex commercial (1:01:35)

    Special Edition (1:02:05)

    Twilight Zone – 2003 (1:05:30)

    The Simpsons (1:06:20)

    60 Minutes (1:06:45)

    Robert Capa biography (1:18:33)

    Danger Man (1:20:02) (released in the US as Secret Agent)

    Danger Mouse (1:22:23)

    Weird Homes (1:23:57)

    Trading Spaces (1:25:42)

    Invention – Smithsonian 1995 (1:27:16) (Steve Kordek, Michael Gottlieb, Tim Arnold—collection, Williams factory and design areas, Steve Ritchie, Lyman “Lamone” Sheats)

    WB Cartoon Show promo (1:33:16)

    Chicago Tonight 5/03 (1:33:38) (Gary Stern and the Stern Pinball factory, Steve Kordek)

    Everwood (1:42:22)

    Coke commercial (1:44:01)

    The George Carlin Show (1:44:31)

    Source(s): Pingame Journal magazine: http://pingamejournal.com/ The list of DVDs available for purchase (and lots of other pinball-related items too): http://pingamejournal.com/cool/
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    The Accused (1988) starred Jodie Foster in a (cough) memorable scene where she is gang-raped in a bar, on a pinball machine.

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    Rocky III had a pinball machine

    Paulie smashed it with a bottle

    Source(s): Rocky III
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    Album by The Who made into a film in 1975

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    the Wizard, a boy and sis take their little bro to a tourney

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    Tommy would be THE answer

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