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The Name of this Kevin Rudolf song..?

Easy Question. Someone is bound to know the answer.

I heard relatively new song the other day on the radio, it sounded like Kevin Rudolf and someone else, might have been jay sean...

i cant remember how it went or any of the lyrics.. any help?

whats the name of the song.?

muchly appreciated.


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    Try 'I Made It' by Kevin Rudolf.

    This sound familiar? :

    "I look up to the sky

    And now the World is mine

    Ive known it all my life

    I made it, I made it!

    I used to dream about, the life I'm living now

    I know that there's no doubt.

    I made it, I made it! "

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    That would be "I Made It"

    u r rite it is Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil' Wayne, Jay Sean (<3 him), and Birdman

    really gud song

    someone else already posted the lyrics and they r rite

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