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French is claimed to be one of the most languages in the world.It consists of 115 alphabets and it is hard to pronounce the vowels and the consonants because of its complexity and variety.In fact, most alphabets in French hail from English such as a e i o u and the pronounce is pretty much the same as English .In the books, it will offer you a lot of information as to how to learn it well and get the most out of this book. After reading the book, don't forget to pratice with your partners and if you have enough time, review the book.Some people say that it is never too late to learn.This is what this book all about.It gives you little by little and step by step ways to master your French.However, be a active learner. do not be a passive learner.Ater all, French is not as difficult as you thought.So get you book notebooks and highlighter ready,and most importantly be a good learner.


幫我看文法有沒有錯誤 修改修改文章

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    French is alleged to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. It consists of 115 alphabets with some vowels and consonants hard to pronounce in a distinguishable way. In fact, most alphabets in French originated from English, such as a, e, i, o, u, whose pronunciation is pretty much close to English. This book will provide you a lot of information about how to learn French well and how to use it. After studying this book, please don't forget to practice it with your partners. And study it over and over again if you have enough time. Some people say that it is never too late to learn. This is the idea of this book. It will give you little by little, and step by step to master your French technique. However, please make yourself an active learner, not a passive learner. After all, French is not as difficult as you might image. So, please prepare yourself with this book, a notebook, and some highlighters. In one word, the most important idea is to be a good learner.



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