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    Long, long time ago, there was a young woman named AMY alone moved to the countryside, a small village where we live ever be regarded as wealthy. But the mother and daughter living next door is very hardship of living, adequate food, clothing is worn in, AMY and thus look down on him the door.

    One stormy night, the whole village have electricity, and electricity for the people in the village is often happened, so we are all ready for candle stand, but had just moved to the village AMY did not understand the living environment here, so there is no preparing candles, she was scared of a loss, just as he was afraid, when the door came the knock at the door, and she hastily opened the door and saw the daughter of a poor family next door candle in hand standing at the door, the poor woman smiling said: "This candle to you, Mama says that you have just moved to this small and based on individual village, right here, lifestyle is also not familiar with precipitation, may not be prepared candles, so candles Jigen sent to you."

    AMY heard his remarks, and the hearts of mixed feelings, she had often looked down on a poor woman and her daughter, but his time is that they are helpless to help himself, though Jigen candles are not expensive, but to lose the best for the AMY Gifts, AMY moving left a tear.

    Since then, AMY never look down on a poor woman and her daughter, but is often asked them to dinner, buying new clothes to wear to the poor and the poor daughter and her daughter a happy and harmonious lives.

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