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Could I have hurt my baby and what could the consequences be?

Ok, so slightly freaked out. I knew that when you are pregnant that you are not supposed to get in hot tubs and that sort of thing. I was just going through here and saw where someone posted an answer that you are not supposed to take hot showers, but just warm. I love long hot showers and am 30 weeks pregnant. It never crossed my mind that this could have any bad effect on my little girl and none of my friends with children or doctor ever mentioned that I shouldn't be taking "hot" showers. So if anyone could help me out with an answer to this I'd appreciate it, this is our 1st baby.



I appreciate all the answers! I guess I'll leave my husband sleeping and not go wake him up freaking out :) I guess it's like my mother-in-law says, it's amazing that any person over the age of 25 is normal considering they used to not have all the restrictions & knowledge we have now a days!

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    Taking hot baths and showers is a concern for women during pregnancy. Many pregnant women crave the relaxation that soaking in hot water or allowing the hot water to run off their body offers but worry that the temperature of the water could be unsafe for their unborn babies. What are the facts about bathing or showering in hot water while pregnant?

    Is It Okay to Soak in a Hot Bath Tub while Pregnant?

    Taking a hot bath while pregnant poses risks to the unborn baby. Hot water can raise a pregnant woman’s core body temperature dangerously high. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends a pregnant woman never allow her body temperature to rise about 102.2 degrees. Doing so could put her at increased risk of having a miscarriage or cause her baby to develop birth defects and other problems. The risk to the baby from the mother’s increased core body temperature is greatest in early pregnancy, which is considered the first trimester.

    It is okay for pregnant women to take a warm bath during pregnancy. The water temperature should be close to a woman’s own body temperature—that is, below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the bath tub water by inserting an elbow or forearm into the water or slowly stepping into the water. Skin on the elbows, forearms, and feet is extra sensitive to heat. If the water feels uncomfortably warm or hot, the temperature is too high. Once soaking in the water, if a pregnant woman feels dizzy, her skin turns red, or she starts sweating, she should get out of the tub or reduce the temperature of the bath water.

    Is It Bad to Take a Hot Shower During Pregnancy?

    The same guidelines apply to showering during pregnancy as they do to bathing. A pregnant woman should be cautious not to raise her core body temperature. Raising the body temperature while showering, however, is harder to do than with bathing since the body is not immersed in the water and not all of the body is exposed to the water at the same time. Nevertheless, it is smart to be careful when showering to make sure the water temperature is not too hot.

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    I have never heard that you couldn't take hot showers while pregnant so if you have I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have heard that you shouldn't use hot tubs while pregnant because of over exposure to heat. I love hot tubs and I have used them while pregnant before and all five of my children turned out alright. I don't think it is that bad of a thing as long as you don't stay too long in them. If concerned about taking hot showers while pregnant I would just limit your time in the shower top say no more than 15-20 minutes tops. You and your baby should be fine.

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    It's really only hot tubs that you have to avoid, and that is mainly in the first trimester. You should be fine with a hot shower, or even a bath. In a hot tub the water stays at a hot temperature the entire time. In a bath tub, the water begins to cool off as soon as you fill it up, so a hot shower is even less of an issue because you're not sitting in hot water. The concern is not raising your core temperature above 102 degrees in the first trimester because it has shown an increased risk for birth defects. Hot showers aren't an issue, so you're fine! Just stay hydrated and you're good to go! I'll post a link that explains a little more. Don't worry! :)

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    There are so many things between baby and that hot water. Unless the water is ridiculously hot I am sure you will be okay. If the water is making your skin get red and blotchy then it is too hot. Usually your thighs will show redness if the water is too hot. If you are taking a shower that is hot tub temp then I would stop. I am sure you and your baby will be just fine though! Good luck with the rest of your preg!

    Source(s): Mother of 3 month old.
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    I am 33 weeks pregnant with #3 and I am the same way. I love hot showers. I just try to reduce the amount of time that I am in there and never let it run on my belly.

    Source(s): Mother of 2 #3 due May 15th
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    I have a 2 year old and am 30 weeks pregnant with #2, nobody told me until about 2 months ago tat u weren't supposed to take hot baths, so i did so up until then. my 2 yesr old is fine and everything looks ok this time too. good question though i will be looking @ the other answers.

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    i was 5 weeks pregnant when i found out. i used to go in the hot tub for atleast 30 minutes a day before i found out. i stopped once i found out. but i still took hot showers and hot bubble baths. my daughter was born 4 days before her due date with no complications and a perfect size. but i'm not saying you should go ahead and do this. everyone is different but i don't think you have anything to worry about. :)

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    i just gave birth to my second son 4 weeks ago and i was concerned about this also, i asked my doctor about it and she told me that you can take a hot shower or bath as long as you dont start feeling lightheaded or sick...and my entire pregnancy i took hottt baths almost every single day and my baby came out just fine

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    As long as you are doing your kick counts and feel the baby move you are fine, make an appontment see your doctor and voice your concers. But if you feel your baby moving and feel ok dont worry too much, the baby is well protected in the womb, but double check with your doctor and gd luck!

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    As long as the water isn't above 102 its fine. When I was pregnant my doctor said I could get in the hottub as long as it was only around 98 degrees.

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