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Why are American Idol losers more successful than the winners?

It seems like the winners will put out one CD, sometimes its a hit and sometimes its not, but it seems like the losers do better.

Just look at Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson, they were on the same season. I don't even think Jennifer was in the top 5 and now look at her. Look at losers like Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry, and whatever happened to Taylor Hicks?

Another answerer brought this to my attention on another question.

Why do you think the losers are more successful?

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    1. Some people are fun to watch, but their voices don't translate well to CD.

    2. A website called "Vote for the Worst" has a lot of fun getting people to vote for the worst contestants.

    3. Somebody from, say, Hawaii might get a lot of votes from proud fellow Hawaiians who go the extra mile to keep her in the competition. But that doesn't mean she has a great voice.

    4. Some of the "losers" have great voices, but aren't as exciting on stage.

    5. Sometimes a popular singer will be voted off out of the blue, much to everyone's shock. This might be due to the voters, or it might be due to the producers. Constantine and his band had just released a record when he suddenly got "voted off". He wasn't supposed to do that! Nothing was confirmed, but that may be the reason he was booted.

    Season 5, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and Elliott Yamin were practically tied when they hit the final three. It was the closest vote in Idol history. Yet, alas, Elliott had just a teeny bit fewer votes. Taylor was really fun to watch, but not so great once Idol was over. Katharine actually had a lot of talent, but was a little weird, and her parents were REALLY weird, overly involved stage parents. That put people off.

    It is still a mystery to me why Melinda Doolittle came in 3rd during S-6.

    A few exceptions: David Cook of S-7, Carrie Underwood of S-4, and Kelly Clarkson of S-1. They're all big stars.

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    It's simple maths: there have been eight winners so far and (only counting those who made it to the top twelve) eighty-eight losers. So, even if 25% of the winners and 5% of the losers actually have a successful career now, that translated to 2 vs 4. Simple as that.

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    Clay Aiken does nicely mutually with his CD sales. even although I actual have considered him doing extra paintings mutually with his charity than promoting his CDs. Diana DeGarmo went to Broadway fairly of creating CDs. Jennifer Hudson went on to grow to be an actress and gained an Oscar. Constantine has grow to be a cleansing soap actor. i imagine in the adventure that they get some type of occupation in prepare corporation they are chuffed. i don't believe of they unavoidably might want to sing and promote CDs to achieve their objectives. the reason American Idol makes use of Daughtry's song is because at the same time as the contestants flow on the prepare, they signal a contract that grants AI inventive rights to their occupation for a particular era of time. there replaced right into a huge component about it because Clay Aiken did not like the album they made him do first.

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    Reason being is because music producers will see them and approach them so they have a wide variety to chose from and not lock into an agreement. With american idol the agreement or contract is much different and the person who sings doesn't have much control where as the ones who are not locked into an agreement can pretty much set it up the way they want to.

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    I think it all depends not on who we vote for, but what the industry wants. Because, I loved David Cook and was soooo happy he won, but it still seems to be all about David Archuleta, because he's a young, new, some people think adorble singer. Then there was Kris Allen who won, and I was so happy again, but its still all about Adam Lambert because he's edgy, fun, different, unique, ect.

    So, basically as I said I don't really think our votes matter all that much in the end, (My votes are for Andrew Garcia this year:D) Because it's what record labels are looking for, :)

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    What Happened To Elliot Yamin

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    It doesnt matter if you are a looser or a winner. as long as u can sing and people like ur voice...that it call it counts. just because u have lost the title as "winner"...doesnt mean u suck and cant be famous. the word 'winner' is just a plain word like every word in the world and the word 'loser' is also just a plain word like every word in the world. A word cant determine how famous u can or cannot be.

    Hoped I helped =)

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    I know right,it makes no sense.

    but probably because the ones who lost were more dedicated to music.

    But Andrew Garcia! is the the best.! this season!

    check him out on youtube.

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    well...... im not completly sure but i would think that it has something do do with the idea that the winner is decided by voting. so maybe the winner has a alot of friends at home and they all voted for he or she. but thats just what my idea is

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