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what do u think or this name 4 our baby?

we like Thaddaeus but don't no a middle name that gose good with Thaddaeus

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    I actually know someone named Thaddeus and he wasn't picked on...quite popular, in fact!

    James is a good one, you could always call him TJ. Personally, I like Thaddeus Mason and you could call him Thaddeus/Thad

    Source(s): And, interestingly, the name Thaddeus ranks 955 on the SSA popular baby names for '08, apparently, "normal" is subjective. Hello!
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    Thaddeus Fox

    Thaddeus Elliot

    Thaddeus Michael

    Thaddeus Nathaniel

    Thaddeus James

    Thaddeus Wyatt

    Thaddeus Riley

    Thaddeus King

    Thaddeus Richard

    Thaddeus Miles

    Thaddeus Colton

    Thaddeus Drake

    Thaddeus Parker

    Thaddeus Declan

    Thaddeus Donally

    Thaddeus Avery

    Thaddeus Embry

    Thaddeus Blase

    Thaddeus Bronwen

    Thaddeus Braddock

    Thaddeus Clayton

    Thaddeus Troy

    Thaddeus Paxton

    Thaddeus Baxter

    Thaddeus Bradley

    Thaddeus Braden

    Thaddeus Brode

    Thaddeus Brewster

    Thaddeus Harrison

    Thaddeus Gallagher

    Thaddeus Hamilton

    Thaddeus Jaxson

    Thaddeus Jameson

    Thaddeus Carlisle

    Thaddeus Kingston

    Thaddeus Carson

    Thaddeus Lachlan

    Thaddeus Ty

    Thaddeus Trenton

    Thaddeus Russell

    Thaddeus Theodore

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    I'm going to be brutally honest .....that's a horrible name!

    I guess you could do Thaddaeus James.....umm your child will be picked on

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    I actually like it alot.

    I enjoy uncommon name like this one and Atticus.

    I personally think it be easier to find a name that flows well

    if it was the middle name and not the first

    Link in source is a middle name generator it might help.

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    middle name could be hermes, zeus, hera, hades he isn't a greek god.

    give the kid a normal name.

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    if you name your child this, he will hate you for the rest of his life

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