I NEED A LAWYER'S ADVICE PLEASE!!! underage drinking ticket :( and idk what to do?

ok so i attended this horse race called carolina cup in south carolina, where i was drinking underage. i got busted by the camden pd and they gave me a ticket for, i think, minor in possession. On the ticket under violation section it says 20-7-8920. (Here's a link to that law: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess117_2007-2008/bill... down to section 6) if you read all the parts under section 6, it says my fine cant be less than $100 but no more than $200, on the bottom of my ticket it says i must pay $265. so my first question is: Is that legal? Second thing= on my ticket my address is incorrect, like i live at 507 so and so drive but the ticket says 587 so and so drive. i was told once that if anything on the ticket is incorrect then the ticket is invalid. is that true? Third thing= i have 3 options regarding how i can deal with this situation: plead guilty and pay the fine, apply for a PTI (pre-trial intervention) or AEP (alcohol education program) classes. both of these cost around $500 but doing these classes get this misdemeanor removed from my record. if i pay the fine then the charge goes on my record for, i believe 2 yrs or until i turn 21. What would you recommend? paying the fine or taking classes? that leads me to my next question...if i do plead guilty and pay the fine (bc its cheaper than the classes) and the charge stays on my record, what happens if i get caught again? jail, heavier fine, what?? The last thing is, what about loopholes? that same law says that the alcohol prevention classes can not cost more than $150, but online the AEP classes say you must make multiple payments of more than $150, so i dont know what to do about that. if you are a lawyer or someone who just knows alot about this or is someone who has gone through this before please, please, please tell me anything you know. I would love to find a way out of this via loophole or something similar. but i also understand there are consequences for my actions and i have to pay for what i did. just $500 is alot for a college student who's parents arent gonna help them pay for thier ticket. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!


*** my friend also received a ticket later that day for the same exact thing and her ticket says $255 dollars at the bottom. if its for the same reason why is there a difference in cost?

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    First question: The fine listed in the statue is the base fine only. They are allowed to add court costs to that, which results in your final total of $265.

    Second question: That is not true. There is no legal requirement to dismiss a ticket due to a typographical error. The court will probably just amend the ticket with the correct address.

    The decision for the PTI is a personal one, I can't give you advice. Some states provide underage drinking tickets to insurance companies, even if you are not driving. That could result in a substantial raise in your insurance rates.

    The court will probably allow you to make payments over time so if it just the money you are worried about, you should be fine. However, getting caught again will probably result in an even larger fine. My guess is the 265 is 100 plus court costs, the next one could cost you twice that.

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    You should have swallowed the evidence. First thing to consider,,is,, do the cops have evdence against you? Or are they giving you the normal intimidation scheme, to get that free money from you? A lawyer costs you money,,win or loose. If i was innocent,,then I fight,,myself,,if guilty,,I would simply admit it, and get over it,,maybe learn a little something from the expereince. One tecnicality,,if you plead innocent, and go to trial,, and the cops are too busy to show up,, ask for a mistrial, and dismissal,,,I have done that before. Cops don't like to go to court,,unless they are up for promotion,,they rather sit on their *** by a donut shop,,especially if the trial date,is their day off,, great chance they will not show up.. Up to you,, wether to fight reality,or not.. I do hope you lern not to try to buck the law,,it is always against you,,simple as that.

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