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Help, dog has foul body odor, scratching excessively, chewing, what to do?!?

So recently my dog has gotten fleas from an outdoor cat that comes by my house and eats cat food. I've washed him with flea shampoo, did flea dip, used advantix on him, shampooed him with regular dog shampoo, and he still smells very terrible! The odor seems to be coming from his body and is so strong I can smell it from the other room, even after he has left the room it still smells where he sat. Smell lingers when he walks by. He usually sleeps under my bed and even though I have sprayed the area with febreeze and other things over and over, the stench is still there. The fleas seem to still be there because he is constantly scratching and chewing at his legs and back and such. I have also noticed that some small pieces of his hair have fallen out and are all over in different areas on my floor. I dont see any missing patches of hair on his body though. He started to smell badly when I noticed that my other cat(one that is indoor) was scratching and when he began scratching. I also bombed the house to get rid of fleas and washed the two cats, they seem to be fine. The dog is the only one still scratching. Does anyone know what to do? The smell is so bad i have to get him in the other room and close my bedroom door so he cant get in, just so i can sleep. The smell is so horrible! Please help!


All other members in family smell the odor as well. Had dog for years first time this has ever happened. Its not me that stinks! Haha.

Update 2:

Dont answer unless you seriously know what to say please. This is a serious thing and I really need to know what to do. Has anyone had this happen to a pet before?

Update 3:

The dog is male. And a little older. Dont know how old exactly he was a stray before and was not a puppy when i first got him.had him for atleast 7 years or so

Update 4:

Before I started washing him and etc he started to smell very bad. Thankyou for the answers so far! =) thankyou thankyou.

only one flea dip, advantix 3 days after

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    what a stupid answer that person (idiot) gave!!! "bathe him in amonia" omg...just shower him with mild body wash , like the kind used for babies because if you shower him with regular dog soap with medication it will really irritate his skin since hes been scratching so much. after the bath put some FRONTLINE in tube form down his back as directed (not the spray) and hold him for 15 min so he wont roll and scratch. this really stops the fleas from attacking him. Here's the link:

    **you may not be doing such a great job in bathing him. You might have to take him to a groomer and have him remove excess hair. If its really matted that might be the cause of the smell.

    Edit: omg wtf DONT GIVE HIM BENADRYL

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    There is a very good chance that this is not just a flea problem- from the issues you have described I am guessing that your dog has an infection (it causes a strange, sweet, sickly smell that lingers), mange, a flea allergy, or something similar.

    This is not normal for a dog with fleas- fleas should not cause strange smells and hair loss.

    You really should consult your vet on this one- as the longer you leave it the worse the problem will become and the more expensive it becomes to fix.

    If both your cat and dog have the same problem, I would be suspicious that it was caused by mange and not fleas- mange is transmisable to humans- and is very contageous- so you really need to rule this one out!

    Sarcoptic mange (the most common variety and the one that can be transferred to humans) can be treated with Revolution, which is a spot on flea treatment.

    There are different varieties of mange, though- and it is best if your vet can diagnose and confirm exactly what is wrong with your dog- if it does turn out to be mange, your pup will most likely also require some anti-inflammitories and pain killers as well as the mite treatment (revolution, or something different depending on the species of mange)

    If the problem is an infection, very possibly as a result of a flea allergy, then the problem is going to be more difficult to fix.

    I can tell you that when fighting fleas it can be very useful to use alternating brands of spot on flea treatment- namely advantage and frontline. These two treatments are the most effective in the war against fleas- and they use different active ingredients so that any fleas which may have developed an immunity to one should be susceptible to the other.

    I had no luck using flea bombs, flea sprays, flea combs, or frontline on my dog- had a horrible flea infestation for months- yet one treatment of advantage and I havent seen a flea since!

    Good luck! I hope you can help your pets soon!

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    Why is everyone's first reaction is to "See a Vet"!!! My gosh! You do realize that vets are a business, right? Yeah, they've been trained on the anatomy of pets, but they don't do what they do for FREE! Okay? Not every single problem requires expensive vet care. (BTW, I have 2 dogs, 1 cat - I am at the vet CONSTANTLY!!!) Sometimes, pet owners want to come one her for some advice from people who have experienced the same problem. Doesn't make them a bad person!

    Sounds like an infection - either skin or ear infection. My dog is prone to those. Find the source and try Apple Cider Vinegar (assuming it's not something more serious). ACV is known to kill these infections - both bacterial and fungal. Good luck!

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    Chewing Fleas

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    Yes there are trainging techniques that you can use, lucky for you, i am a dog trainer. Learn here

    Have you ever heard of the "leave it" command. It is veryimportant your dog learns this. To teach it to your dog, start with something you use as a treat. Put it on the floor infront of your dog. When your dog lunges for it, but your hand over it and say "leave it" really strenly, so your dog gets the message. Do this a few times until your dog gets the idea. When your dog has performed this well, gove him the OK and let him have the treat with you okey dokey command, which could be anything to tell him he canhave the treat.

    Then move up a level. Put the treat in your hand and hold it near your dogs nose, finger pointing up. If your dog tries to snatch it, say "leave it" When your dog's nose points in another direction ither than the treat, you've been succesful. Now take it to the next and final level.... the dinner table. sit at the table and enjoy a meal. When your dog begins to beg, enforce the leave it command. if your dog doesn't leave, tell your dog to lay down somewhere in the room far away.

    I understand if you like having your dogs with you while you eat so the location of you dog while training is essential. Keep you dog as far away as possible. If you see your dog sneaking over to your table, make eyecontact and enforce the leave it command. If your dog gets up, it isn't obeying, now you need to stand up and make eyecontact. This tells your dog you're ready to do whatever it takes to keep him away from YOUR food. ALWAYS make eyecontact while your eating and your dog is laying down. Make frequent eye contact so your dog can't sneak up to the table with out you knowing. I've done this with many people, and it works even for the worst of beggars. This training may take time, but have perserverence ok? And NEVER feed the dog at the table. It encourages begging.

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    If you pet has fleas you need to bath all the animals in Dawn dish washing liquid blue original kind. Next bomb your house with a flea bomb. you need to get the fleas out of the house as well off the animals. Wash everything you can in Dawn. The smell is probably coming from the dead skin that he is scratching. After you have bathed all the animals in Dawn a couple times, bath them in Head and Shoulders shampoo for dry skin. And give them Benadryl in case they are allergic to fleas or something else in the house. you can add some veggie oil to the food. About one table spoon a day.

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    Sounds like he is allergic to fleas. This is very common but causes excessive itching, hair loss, dryness, and smell. Consider getting him checked out by a vet. They can prescribe some meds to calm it down.

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    Using all those flea bath things, which all contain chemicals, on him probably gave him a bad skin rash/infection. Take him to the vet and see what they tell you. You may have to bath him in a special shampoo that's good for his skin.

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    the fleas may of irritated his sweat glands or something, you should bring him to get his fur cut really close to the body (if he's a long haired dog) and then try doing the flea shampoo again, make sure its not the "Hartz" brand for they have a very bad reputation. You can make your own because it may be the Shampoo thats causing irration ( has a very good homemade flea shampoo "recipe".

    If the problem presists I reccomend taking him to the vet because no animal deserves to have fleas!

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