Adding memory to laptop?

This might sound kind of dumb, but how do I know how much memory I can add to my laptop - and where would I go to find such a service? Would a place like Best Buy be a better bet than a local office that fixes computers (or vica versa?). I'm not even sure right this second how to find how much memory my computer has left (I have windows vista if that is helpful)


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    Go to they have a memory advisor utility (Just click Scan My System) you can run directly off the site to tell you what your laptops max memory, and what type of memory you need. Here is the thing about crucial's site though they also sell memory (kind of expensive) I would after using the crucial site tool go to to order some memory now that you know what type you need. If you did take it to a local place to find out what kind of memory I would take it to a local office over Best Buy.

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    There's two types of memory in a computer. One gets "filled up", and that's the hard drive space.

    RAM chips help the speed of your applications when they're running, so they will fill up, but then they empty out. Go on your computer's manufacturer's website to find out capacity on your particular model, as well as type of chip. It's normally not difficult to install a chip; there's usually a plate on the underside of the laptop to insert the chip(s).

    Now how to find out how much space you have on your hard drive. Go to your computer's Windows Explorer view, and click on My Computer. You should see the hard drives appear alphabetically, with C: being your primary hard drive. I believe Vista has a "back up" system set up on D:, and your dvd player will be E, but it could be other letters.

    Anyway, right-click on C:, and select properties. You will then see a piechart that shows how much space is used on your drive. If you have, say, 90% used, you'll need to move some of your files to a CD/DVD/USB drive.

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    your local computer store might be able to help but often laptops are not upgradable but you can still get an external hard drive.

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