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My roommate is slowly killing his pet turtle and I want to save it. what should I say to him?

My college roommate has a pet turtle that he doesn't take care of. I have never seen him feed it and I had to start giving it food. The turtle is a swimming turtle who needs running water in his tank.. my roommate has one inch of water in the tank and nothing else. The water is so bad that sometimes you can't see the turtle due to the amount of algae. The turtle actually has stuff growing on its shell. I want to give the turtle to my girlfriend who is thinking about getting one anyway. I am unsure about if that is right or what I would say or what else to do. any suggestions?

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    give it to your girlfriend but tell him it died and started reeking so you threw it out.

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    Tell The Guy He's Being Cruel To The Turtle If Doesn't Want To Care About Him Anymore Tell Him To Give The Turtle To You So You Can Give It Your Girlfriend

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    I have many turtles and that just makes me sick!

    Been there only with a dog. I basically told them either they give me the dog or a) I report them for neglect or b) I take the dog anyway. But I didn't like my roommate anyway so didn't care if it pissed her off lol.

    You could always ask if he would be willing to let you take the turtle. Or if last resort offer to pay him for it which I think would be a ridiculous thing to do.

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    OMG! That's sick! You need to tell your roommate that if he/she isn't going to take care of the pet turtle than they need to give it away to someone who will! (Like your girlfriend) Although that poor turtle might already have some sort of disease or something, I mean if there is stuff growing on it's shell... Poor Turtle! Maybe you could just say that the water is starting to smell really bad and you just can't handle it. Idk, but you need to help that poor defenseless turtle!

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    Give away the turtle to your girlfriend and say" you don't take care of it so i gave it away" or you can say"It died" or "animal control came and took the turtle".Don't let the turtle suffer.

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    "Dude, you're committing animal neglect/abuse." There, that's easy. Seriously, just let him know that the turtle is living in far less than ideal conditions, and you have a possible home for him where he can be happy and healthy.

    Aquatic turtles require massive tanks, filtration, uvb lighting, and a basking light.

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    Give the turtle to your girlfriend...and tell your friend it died when he wasn't home. He sounds like an a** anyways.

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    10 years ago

    Please be truthful. Truthful doesn't always mean blunt, confrontational, or rude, however. Ask him if he is tired of taking care of the turtle. Ask him if he doesn't really want to keep the turtle. Depending on his answers to these types of questions, carefully broach the subject of giving it to someone who really wants one. Give him time to think about it.

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    say "what would he do if the turtle die" if he doesn't care say it die so you can give it to your girlfriend .

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    Give it to your girlfriend if you know whats best for you...

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