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Conservatives: What do you AGREE with Obama on?

I know you disagree with Obama with just about everything. Just curious what you do like about him, if anything.

For example, Obama sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, and made the other coalition countries put another 10,000 there; isn't that what conservatives wanted?


Flags: You have a confederate flag so I don't expect you to agree with him on anything. LOL.

Update 2:

Peace through Blinding Force: Wrong. You're a liar. General McChrystal specifically said that's the minimum troops necessary -- he never said "less than minimum". Otherwise, why would McChrystal request that amount? Which General in would specifically request a "less than minimum" amount of troops.

Nice tactic, con. You're a liar.

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    I agree with the Pres. on the Death Penalty.

    On June 25, 2008, Obama condemned United States Supreme Court decision Kennedy v. Louisiana, which outlawed the death penalty for a child rapist when the victim was not killed. He said that states have the right to consider capital punishment, but cited concern about the possibility of unfairness in some sentences.

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    Oh...there are lists of "broken promises" that B.O. has made, I'm sure I agree on some of how he ISN'T going to reverse some of the Bush/Patriot Act stuff like he said he would.

    And some of the posters are right about the troops thing...the commanders asked for more. They know how to conduct war. And HObama knows how to...COMMUNITY ORGANIZE! SPARTAN SPIRIT! Obama knows how to team up with ACORN types to protest and yell at banks that they don't give enough loans to people with bad credit, and then years later turn around and when the housing market falls apart....blame it on the banks for giving people with bad credit or 25,000 dollar jobs loans for houses that cost six or more times that. That's what HObama knows how to do.

    But to answer the question rightly..uh..I think I most agreed with Obama when he said he'd rather be a one term President.

    Oh, and that one thing he said about Kanye West.

    So there's at least three things right there!

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    Do you have a cite you provides you us for the quote? i could agree that many conservatives won't vote for McCain, and "enable the chips fall the place they could" relating to the presidency, yet they can be balloting in the different races (e.g., domicile of Representatives and Senate races) with a view to decrease the damages to the country that the two Obama, Hillary OR McCain will attempt to inflict.

  • Nope. The commanders in theater said that is LESS THAN the MINIMUM amount needed to make victory POSSIBLE.

    Unlike Obama, Conservatives didn't want to ASSURE defeat.

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    BHO is my archenemy.

    I am a doctor and the way he vilified MD's and called them butchers for hire.

    The way he disrespects the parts of this country that I think made it great and the way he vilified doctors make him my enemy.

    He is not a leader.

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    Since he is doing the exact opposite of what he said he was going to do. I don't see anything to be for him on!

    The things he said he was going to do were transparency, everything was going to be open and above board as to passing of laws, etc.....

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    I agree with his ultimate decision to fight to win in Afghanistan, though I feel that the scope of his commitment and the EXTREMELY delayed way he came to it show that it is half-hearted on his part.

    I agree with him on making gays able to serve openly in the military.

    I agree with him that health care needed to be fixed, though I STRONGLY disagree with him on how.

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    Actually, real conservatives are non-interventionists

    The only thing I can agree with him on is that we need change....but I don't think that the change needs to be more government. The change needs to be LIBERTY and it's found in CONSERVATIVE principles.

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    being able to carry, loaded & concealed, in nat'l parks

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    0bama could care less about our military or the war in the Mid-East and don't kid yourself otherwise. I like his dog!

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