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Pledis and YG Entertainment..?

Can I get some info. about 2010-2011 auditions? me and my cousins are into dancing and singing and we are auditioning for one of those 2 but we're not sure. we are 50/50 dancing and singing. people say our voices are beautiful and say our dancing is amazing(not trying to make it sound like im bragging.) but we need help on finding info. on auditioning for ths year and next year. and i am 13 and my cousin is 10. and we just need help and wants to know which one would be better for us. we are having a hard time choosing between the 2. and we arent korean but we are asian. but any other info. will be great !

thnks! ^^

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    If you sing R&B style and know how to rap (and I guess you can dance since you said so) then YG is for you. Pledis too you must be able to sing and dance well but I guess more emphasis on the dancing? (just basing this off of what After School does) You should post your clip here so we can see your talents. I really can't tell where you will fit unless I see you perform.

    Also try this maybe http://www.allkpop.com/2010/02/open-auditions-will...

    dunno if auditions are still open but it merges all the big entertainment companies in Korea so you don't just apply to one but all of the ones that are involved.

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    I think you should choose SM Entertainment , u should search for it on google and i think you have to be at the age limit like 15 or 16 ( well im 14 and i have to wait for 1 more year) Im going to dancing if im join the entertainment, but i dont know if i can singing cause i have a good voice but mines is low . maybe i could clear my throat. If u dont want to audition for sm entertainment then i think u should choose the entertainment that is best for u, like me , I choose the SM Entertainment.

    Good luck if u try ^^

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