How does following the teachings of buddhism help one achieve nirvana??? PLZ?

Already Know the basics about buddhism just need help with this question in full detail if you could please

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    Simply put, Nirvana is achieved (achieve is a bad word. its more like realize) by understanding that the whole universe is an illusion created by the mind. The mind is also a part of the universe, so mind is also created by mind. When one understands that everything we see, feel, smell etc. are just illusions created by mind, he/she can detach from them, and attain a state where there is complete peace and calmness.

    This is the very very basic, most core idea. The actual concepts are much more complicated than this, and require a lifetime of devotion and practice to fully realize.

    To do this, one must follow the Eight Fold Path.

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    Buddha gave very precise instructions on how to attain enlightenment (nirvana). Simply follow the Eightfold Path.

    The Eightfold Path consists of a series of instructions on how to live an ethical life and how to meditate correctly.

    Nearly all Buddhist traditions base their instruction on the Eightfold Path. That's because those who follow the path with sincerity and diligence gain the freedom promised by the Buddha.

    Here's more information on the Eightfold Path:

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    Buddhism is bunk. It's just a failed nihilistic philosophy that some kooks turned into a failed nihilistic religion.

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