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Where can I get some cute summer/spring clothes for my two year old girl?!?

I have a two year old girl named Olivia and I am looking for some cute summer/spring clothes that are size 2T. I want some new child stores other than the normal ones I see everywhere! Give me the link to the store. I am looking for dresses, shorts, shirts and skirts. Thanks!

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    I like the Children's place. They have great toddler clothes. Gap baby. Cute! Old Navy. OshKosh Has ADORABLE clothes to. Carters have good clothes too. Hope I helped!


    Old Navy=


    Chlidrens Place=

    Gap Baby=

    Source(s): Bought clothes at all the places!
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    I usually shop at Old Navy for everyday clothes for my daughter, she is 4. I like their clothes because they are super cute and comfy and really affordable (they have some great summer sales right now), and they fit her really well. There is another website called Sophias Style. com that has SUPER cute dresses that are a little dressier, but so freaking cute. I love that site, it has the best clothes for little girls. That's where I usually get some cuter outfits and dresses for dressier occasions and school. Good luck!

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    juicy couture has some cute kids clothes, im not sure about sizes though. u wont see them everywhere because they r a little pricy, i think its worth it though.

  • the Children's place they have a web site

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