gear box question EXPERTS ONLY?

I have a 1962 Ford F100 sidestep. I Can only imagine the gear box & clutch is obliterated because if hasn't run in a long time and my brother has been moving the clutch column all over the place. I need to know can i get a junkyard gearbox and clutch and put it in there or do i have to get a special kind. thanks. also if you know good cheap parts websites it would be greatly appreciated. i am very low on money

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    The three on the tree linkage normally is the first to go with the clutch seizing on the flywheel happening also... Usually you can work a gearbox back into shape , even if you have to disassemble, clean, and put it back together.. I'd replace the clutch no matter what and find out what is with the linkage...

  • Rick
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    1 decade ago

    Those old gearboxes were pretty well indestructible, as were the clutches. The steering column mounted shifters have a lot of bushings that can wear and get sloppy. I believe aftermarket rebuild kits are available. Even brand new from the factory these shifter linkages felt a little vague, since there's so many joints in them. As far as the clutch, since the truck hasn't ran in a while make sure the disc isn't scarred up and the pilot bushing and throw-out bearing haven't froze up. Also change the gear oil in the trans, since the old oil probably has condensed water in it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your wandering narrative is a bit difficult.

    The shifter moves all over with no feel, like it is not connected to the transmission. Get under and look when he moves it. There are rods and bushings and stuff that could be disconnected. more likely outcome than "obliterated".

    Clutch has nothing to do with anything you said. There are lots of linkages in it too and they need to be inspected.

    Find out what you have before you freak and start buying crap you may not even need.

    SCI, ASE Cert Auto Tech since 1978

  • Pat
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    Your Stepside will have "Three on the Tree" type shifter arrangement and

    these have a tendency to be well worn and require expertise and finese to

    select the proper gear. They will go in between gears and make you think

    the trans is locked up. The rods and linkages require to be set up and

    adjusted to the proper length to select a gear. I would suggest getting an

    old book and studying what you are trying to accomplish. It can be done.

    Source(s): ASE Master Tech
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  • Rock
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    1 decade ago

    take your brother out of the equation, what he is doing has no effect if the truck is not running. Get the truck running first and then try driving it, it may be hard to work with at first but will loosen up as you work with it. Never throw money or parts at a situation til you know for sure they are needed

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