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is there a phone, like Skype, that my daughter in England can call me from her land line?

We don't have a land line (only mobile phones) but she has a land line in England. It's very expensive to receive calls on our mobiles from England.

Does Skype have a phone that doesn't need the computer to always be on in order to accept international calls? I'd like her to be able to call me whenever she wants without incuring mobile phone charges.



Mobile phones in the U.S. are charged for every call received. I need a phone in the U.S. that my daughter can call other than my cell phone.

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    "It's very expensive to receive calls on our mobiles from England." - that is not true, there is NO additional charge for accepting a local, long distance, or international call... all incoming minutes are billed the same...

    most cell phone carriers have $50-60 unlimited minutes plans... so not sure what cellular carrier you are with, but if it cost more than that per line, then you are overpaying...

    if you need a phone line, then you can consider getting the absolute minimum from the local telephone company... which should cost about $10 plus taxes per month - plus what ever outgoing calls you make...

    you can get yourself a magicjack, that cost $50 and comes with 1 year of service... it provides you with a US telephone number... but it requires high speed internet, and it is a USB device that needs to plug into your computer, so your PC needs to be on in order to use the phone...

    if you get one MJ for yourself, and one for your daughter, you can call each other for free..

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    I have an Ooma and it works great. It hooks up to your internet connection-not a computer and not a landline-so it's always on. You just plug a regular old phone into it.

    However, calling to or from England is still going to cost, whoever makes the call, money. but it would be cheaper than the cell phone charges. (Calls to US numbers are free)

    You could also buy your daughter an Ooma. She would then have a US phone number in which case calls would be free.

    This sounds complicated, I know. But my 80 year old mother uses's that simple.

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    I know you're angry about the child support- and he might be a deadbeat, but when you're the little girl it isn't money on your mind, it's having your father and feeling loved. As for recording Skype calls, don't quote me- but I think it actually might be legal. Now, not if you were to publish it publicly of course. But, even last year Microsoft has patented something called Legal Intercept which allows them to record all of your conversations and videos secretly. So why you, the person being in the conversation would not be allowed to record the conversation that YOU are in I don't see the issue. However, for legal precautions you should state that you are recording the conversation beforehand. He probably won't believe you anyway.

  • Anonymous
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    You can use another plan of international calls,make international calls from any land line or mobile to others at the cheaper rate with the help of calling cards.

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