i want to become a dental specialist or combat medic, which one would be the best for me to choose?

i want to travel, help people, be in the army and be prod of myself. i am planning on joining the army for about 8 years or maybe make a career out of the army (still deciding), and im not sure which one i should choose. any help? also if the troops were to be pulled out of the war and i was either a dental specialist or combat medic would i still be stationed some where? thank you!

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    a combat medic is a medic that has earned his CMB...you mean medic. not a big deal when talking to recruiters, but if you do enlist as 68W (medic) its just a heads up for when you get to yoru unit... otherwise your senior medics will tear u apart.

    completely different jobs. as a dental tech you will be assigned to either a hospitol (deployable or non deployable), dental clinic, or support battalian. obviously in a clinic or stateside hospitol you wont deploy. in a deploying hospitol (such as a CSH) or a support battalian, you will deploy sometime during your carreer, but you will be staying on the FOB (a base in iraq/afghan) doing your job as a dental tech.

    as a female medic, you are limited to the same types of assignments, with the inclusion of STBs.

    hospitol life for medics (both deployable and non deployable) sucks. the nurses and doctors do all the fun stuff, and you do all of the medical grunt work that no one else likes doing. like changing bed pans.

    a medics job in a clinic is the same as a nurses job at your local dr's office.

    in a support unit you will either work sick call and a trauma table (trauma table when deployed) at the aid station or you will do medical coverage. stateside medical coverage is at ranges and in the field, deployed medical coverage for this case is rolling around with supply convoys.

    in a STB you will either work with the MPs at their JSS incase they need to search/treat any local females, or you'll work in the aid station.

    line medic slots (the medics that roll around with infantry/etc) are male only.

    unfortunately you dont really have any choice wher eyou end up, its luck of the draw.

    yes if the war ends you will continue to do your job, just stateside (just like during the times when you are not deployed).

    best of luck

    Source(s): former medic 82nd airborne
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    The reputable name for the MOS 68W is Health Care Specialist - however the extra typical time period is fight medic or medic. We are ALL medics, and must be ready to serve anywhere wanted - if it is in fight, at a battalion help station, a fight help health facility, a small health facility serving Soldiers and loved ones contributors at residence station, or at a health facility of any measurement. We are all right here for the identical factor, to preserve combating force. If you wish to visit a fight palms unit it must no longer be a drawback, however lose the perspective approximately your fellow medics.

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    In peace time you could likely be stationed in many nice places, depending of the branch of the military you are in. Speak to a recruiter about it, and good luck.

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