What is rental incentive?

My dad's moving to Calgary, AB, for two years because of work. He's looking up appartments on the Internet and every website has 'rental incentive' on the list of things to know about the appartment. What does it mean? I live in BC and have never heard of it... Thanks!

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    Rental incentives are something offered to get a tenant to sign a lease.

    The incentive would be different for each apartment complex, so Dad would have to inquire what the incentive is for each place.

    For example:

    Some places will offer one month of free rent with a 12 month lease. Some places will offer a flat screen TV or some other good. Some places offer no security deposit.

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    Rental Incentives

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    Incentives encourage you to sign a lease. They can be just about anything, but usually have something to do with money. A good one is the first month rent being free

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